Q: Could you provide an overview of the online platform and the novelties that it offers customers?

A: is a unique platform that provides consumers the option to buy, sell or lease a vehicle conveniently and pay in monthly instalments to suit their budgets.

What could be considered a unique feature of is that it enables customers to search for vehicles by linking their payment budget through the unique monthly instalment feature – rather than the conventional approach of searching for vehicles by brand name or model.

With the monthly search feature, the platform automatically offers customers options for vehicles that are best suited to their needs, thereby providing a one stop solution for financial assistance through the site. Furthermore, the newly added auction feature on has augmented its usability, enabling users to bid for desired vehicles and enjoy the best deals.

Overall, has not only redefined the way in which customers search for vehicles but also introduced greater convenience, transforming conventional paradigms of the motor industry.


Q: How has the platform evolved over the last two years or so?

A: Our growth over the last two years has been quite remarkable. We’re currently equipped with a portfolio of over 20,000 vehicles on the site and attract more than 100,000 visitors to this unique platform each month.

With the added convenience provided through the app – which has also been embraced by many consumers, surpassing 120,000 downloads – the platform was recognised as the most popular website in the e-Commerce & e-Banking category at the 2018 awards.


Q: In your view, what differentiates from other automobile sites?

A: introduced unique features that have set it apart from other automobile sites. For example, the site enables customers and vehicle dealers to upload ads for free, and presents a one stop solution to customers to make informed financial decisions based on their ability to pay.

Our platform also caters to 500 vehicle dealers situated around the country, providing access to information regardless of geographical boundaries. Additionally, the unique search option enhances benefits for customers to source better deals than they expect, according to his or her budget. Through our islandwide network of dedicated agents, customers can close deals on vehicles in a mere 15 minutes.


Q: What are’s plans for the future especially with regard to the expansion of Sri Lanka’s e-commerce sector?

A: We have many plans in the pipeline. Currently, we’re working towards a vision of positioning as an online lifestyle platform that caters to different verticals on a single site to deliver convenience and affordability.

As part of our expansion plans, we have ventured into the education sphere so that customers can search for suitable educational options in their fields of interest with financial payment plans offered by reputed institutes. For the leisure segment, we provide a collection of travel agencies presenting year-round travel plans. has pioneered many firsts in the e-commerce sector and will continue to evolve as a lifestyle brand, providing unique value added services to elevate people’s lifestyles.

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