Ocean Lanka Enters Internationally Recognised bluesign® SYSTEM PARTNERSHIP

Ocean Lanka (Pvt.) Ltd., Sri Lanka’s largest weft knitted fabric manufacturer, has recently received the honor of achieving the status of system partnership with Bluesign®. Bluesign® is a Swiss holistic system that provides solutions in sustainable processing and manufacturing to industries and brands. Ocean Lanka stands out as the first evermanufacturer within the textile and apparel industry of Sri Lanka to come into system partnership with Bluesign®, thereby dedicating themselves to the continuous improvement of environmental performance.

The recently concluded comprehensive bluesign® ASSESMENT at Ocean Lanka’s manufacturing facility confirmed that the company meets high standards for environmental performance, wellbeing and responsible use of chemicals and other hazardous substances. As a system partner of Bluesign®, Ocean Lanka is dedicated to reducing the effects of manufacturing on people and the environment.

Dr. Austin Au, Managing Director, Ocean Lanka (Pvt.) Ltd. stated “We are extremely honoured to achieve the milestone of beingthe firstever bluesign® SYSTEM PARTNER in the textile and apparel industry. Throughout the past two decades, Ocean Lanka has remained committed to reducing the adverse impacts induced on the people and environment. We are indeed overjoyed bythis monumental achievement, which would ensure safer and more sustainable environment for all our stakeholders in the long run.”

Innovation, optimal customer service, sustainable human resource development as well as discovering and contributing to new market segments have led to the Ocean Lanka’s significant growth and attested to securing its position in the exclusive club of apparel and textile manufacturers who strive to reducing the impacts on the people and environment.

Walter Streitler, CRM Manager, Director Sales – Asia/Ocean, bluesign technologies ag, commented, “Bluesign® has recognised the potential in Ocean Lanka (Pvt.) Ltd. in becoming a textile and apparel manufacturer that can expressively focus on reducing its harmful impacts on the environment and we are proud to have Ocean Lanka as our system partner. In a day and age where environment, safety and wellbeing best practices are rapidly deteriorating, Bluesign® ensures that harmful practices are eliminated from the very beginning. Apart fromreducing the risks, the bluesign® SYSTEM encourages its system partners to continuously improve safety during the use of chemicals, optimise processes regarding resource consumption and change the product design in terms of environmental impact.”

The bluesign® SYSTEM, based on input stream management, ensures that approved chemical products and raw materials are used in all steps of the manufacturing process and that substances posing risks to people and the environment are eliminated. On-site inspections verify the proper application of chemical products and raw materials in controlled processes and ensure the responsible use of resources to guarantee the highest level of consumer safety.