pledges to plant a tree for every new client

Colombo, Sri Lanka, August 2021 – News Publisher, a modern era Corporate Communications Agency, driven by industry veterans who have mastered the pros of an agency offering, announced the partnership with ‘ Breathe’ to facilitate reforestation in rural areas around the island-nation of Sri Lanka.

Founded by Fiona Nanayakkara, a veteran Corporate Communications Consultant & Author, News Publisher has pledged to plant one tree for every client received.

The Breathe initiative has risen to the occasion with focus on remedying & reviving the environment through extensive reforestation, working towards the goal of creating a greener tomorrow, with a team of dynamic experts to secure land, utilising their knowledge of flora and bio-diversity to physically plant trees. The overarching goal is to plant more than 5 Million  trees throughout Sri Lanka, within 3.5 years.

Speaking on the newly formed partnership, Founder, News Publisher – Fiona Nanayakkara stated: “It is truly rewarding to have the opportunity to have our own little News Publisher forest grown by our very own clients. We are pleased to partner with Breathe as we share the same values and urgencies where a greener, sustainable ecosystem is concerned. We pledge today that for every new client who comes on board with us, that a tree will be planted.”

News Publisher’s brand core is rooted in sustainable, ethical and transparent practices and the resulting pledge from the partnership allows for a tangible creation of the same. As a social enterprise that continues to uplift and support local entrepreneurs achieve their dreams through the provision of affordable high quality communications solutions; with access to innovative automations such as News Publisher Online, the company – through the Breathe initiative – is able to bring to life its beliefs for a greener, more sustainable tomorrow, protecting the planet and people it serves.

Commenting, Head of the Breathe Initiative – Jude Perera stated: “Our dynamic team is trained for reforestation and we are able to plant trees on behalf of anyone. We have managed to expand to over 1,000 members within a short span of time as the world and (now even) Sri Lanka understands, more than ever before the importance of moving towards greener solutions and sustainable business practices. Sri Lanka is known as a land with abundant natural resources, however, these resources are depleting due to decades of growing negligence where sustainable living is concerned. More so than ever before, it is our duty to save our nation and its beauty and natural resources, for our future generations. Breathe is happy to have News Publisher onboard and we look forward to a sustainable partnership as we grow together”.

Concluding, Nanayakkara noted: “We hope that this first innovative step to making our world that much more richer and abundant in greenery, that more organisations and individuals will be inspired to protect and preserve our environment and even if it is to start small, that they can bring to life their business values. Every little bit goes a long way.”

To ensure complete transparency throughout the planting and growing process, News Publisher will work closely with experts to execute and monitor the entire process.

News Publisher’s business model works with industry experts to deliver the best in quality communication solutions through public relations, social media, advertorials, digital media marketing and industry forums.

(L-R) : Fiona Nanayakkara, Founder of News Publisher Lanka (Pvt) Ltd and Jude Perera, Head of Breathe, Ambasevana holdings (Pvt) Ltd