Sri Lanka’s ICT body unveils industry workforce survey results 

A recent survey launched by the Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA) of Sri Lanka reveals that the overall strength of the industry’s workforce has increased by 50.7 percent over the past four years and is expected to rise further by the end of the year.

The chief purpose of the survey was to gain a clearer understanding of the extent and composition of the IT and business process management (BPM) workforce in the country, to better analyse the demand-supply and skills gaps, as well as strengthen the industry as a whole.

Accordingly, the survey has derived the following insights: a whopping 93 percent of the ICT workforce is below 45 years of age, ICT companies account for 92 percent of employees involved in emerging technologies, and about 85 percent of the total earnings in 2018 were jointly earned by ICT and BPM companies.

It is also observed that the overall female representation in the industry has increased.

The ICT industry is said to hold vast potential to uplift the Sri Lankan economy by creating employment opportunities, facilitating trade and investment, earning foreign exchange and promoting innovation.

With the potential to create an advanced and technology driven future, the ultimate goal of the island’s ICT industry is to achieve a 200,000 strong workforce by 2022.