BBC - Sep 5 2022

It’s official. Liz Truss has won the Conservative Party leadership race.

Tomorrow she will become prime minister when she visits the Queen in Balmoral for an invitation to form her UK government.

Awkward applause shows struggle over Boris Johnson's legacy

Liz Truss's praise for Boris Johnson during her acceptance speech was met with awkward applause from Tory MPs and activists.

You could feel the squirming through the TV.

It shows a party that is struggling to come to terms with the legacy of its former leader.

The former Brexit negotiator Lord Frost said Johnson's problems fundamentally came down to a lack of trust in his own judgement.

He told the podcast: "I think if there's an epitaph for the Johnson government, it will be the phrase: 'I knew it was a mistake, but I let them persuade me'."

"I've seen Boris so many times be persuaded by people around him - who he thought knew better - out of a course of action that he thought was the right one," he said.

"And actually his judgement on those things is pretty good, better than a lot of the people around him."