A few days ago, the 3W Group (the Third Wave Group) celebrated its 25th anniversary, in a simple yet moving ceremony in its headquarters in Colombo 4. The 3W Group is a leading benchmark for ‘Transformation’ and ‘Enterprise Renewal’ consultancy and training services in South Asia and the MENA region. It all began at the turn of the millennium in 1997, when Stefan Moraes, a young and energetic individual with a splendid track record in the corporate and management consultancy field, decided to start his own Consulting Company. However, Stefan did not want to start a conventional consulting firm but something which was innovative and customer centred that warranted to be “the difference that make the difference’. This would be the first of many ventures. Stefan Moraes, deeply inspired by the 1980 best-selling book The Third Wave by American Futurist, Alvin Toffler, named his endeavour ‘Third Wave Consulting’. Later it was re-branded as simply ‘3W Consulting’.

With Stefan at the helm, 3W rapidly grew to be one of the leading consulting firms in the region. Over the past 25 years, 3W has facilitated renowned Conglomerates, Blue-Chips, Industry Associations, UN and INGOs, SOEs to SMEs to move from ‘Good to Great to Grand’ through the pioneering services of Digital Transformation, Corporate Strategy, Service Transformation, Lean Transformation, HR Transformation, Leadership Capacity Building and training. What makes 3W stand out in this industry is that they provide bespoke solutions, which are ‘customised to the core’. This client-centric focus has made 3W a leading boutique Consultancy house in the region.

3W with time, ventured into new scopes. Understanding the dire need of many Sri Lankans who intended seeking opportunities to pursue their studies overseas, Stefan inaugurated 3W Global Education (3WGE) in 2004, which mainly facilitates Global Educational Consulting partnering with over 1000 Universities in regions such as Oceania, Europe, Middle East, the Far East and the North America. At the apex of success, 3WGE opened new branches in Kandy, Negombo, Kurunegala and Battaramulla. A few years ago, another supporting arm, ‘3W Academy’ was founded. The academy was adapted as the training arm of the Group, which delivers business education and learning programmes for corporates as well as IELTS.

In 2008, 3W Consulting made history, expanding its operations to Bahrain to serve the MENA markets, branded as Third Wave International (TWI). In 2010 3W Group secured the master franchise for RPX Express International Courier Company, globally partnered with Cathay Pacific, headquartered in Hong Kong with Global Logistics centres in Europe, USA, and Australasia. Two years later in 2012, 3W consulting inaugurated its latest partner “3W Advisory”, which predominantly consists of veteran industry specialists who deliver on highly technical trade and domain-specific corporate solutions.

The alumni of 3W of yester year and the all-round staff of now, would surely share the common ideal that 3W is a citadel of learning and a house for innovation, creativity and to tap one’s potential to the fullest. This has been repeatedly proven, with the former alumni rapidly rising through the ranks delivering, beyond what others may expect of them. Stefan Moraes’ altruistic methods within the group has resulted this. Surviving for 25 years is no coincidence. However, standing the test of time, excelling and performing despite the odds being seldom in favour, 3W has delivered what many would just envision. 3W has now well passed its infancy. The group has grown to what one would call a healthy business, branding its image not just in the Capital but in the outskirts of Sri Lanka and overseas. This is a celebration of growth and a story of success.