LAUGFS Gas Celebrates 21 Years of Service Excellence

LAUGFS Gas, Sri Lanka’s pioneering energy provider, recently celebrated their 21st anniversary, a significant milestone marking their unyielding commitment to quality and service excellence that has made LAUGFS a trusted name across every household.

The anniversary commemoration took place at the LAUGFS Gas filling facility in Mabima, with the presence of the LAUGFS Group Chairman Mr. W.K.H Wegapitiya and Group Deputy Chairman Mr. Thilak De Silva. The celebrations also included religious observations to mark the important occasion.

Having entered the local LPG industry in 2001 as a fully local business entity, LAUGFS Gas has grown exponentially and is recognized as a trusted brand that continues to supply safe and reliable LPG, not only in Sri Lanka but across the region, strengthening their presence as an innovative energy conglomerate.

Commenting on the occasion, LAUGFS Gas Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Matheendra De Zoysa said “It is truly a momentous moment for LAUGFS Gas, as a home-grown brand, and one of Sri Lanka’s biggest LPG suppliers, we are extremely proud to celebrate two decades of unparalleled commitment to powering the nation through our trusted LPG solutions. As we navigate through a difficult macro-economic outset, and many challenges that are synonymous with it, we will continue to strengthen our operations in Sri Lanka and prioritize customer servicing. This golden rule symbolizes our efforts and continuous commitment towards creating value for our loyal customers”.

With an expansive network of over 10,000 dealers and 31 distributors throughout the country, LAUGFS Gas delivers LPG solutions that serve domestic, industrial, and commercial requirements that are well regarded for its quality and service excellence. LAUGFS Gas is compliant with all local LPG standards and the company is also ISO certified. Being the pioneer in LPG innovations and service improvements, LAUGFS Gas follows LPG best practices in the world, providing unparalleled product and service solutions to the local customer.

Expanding its winds above the shores with its regional presence in Bangladesh and LPG trading arm in Dubai, LAUGFS Gas is the only LPG Company with its own gas carriers and Southeast Asia’s largest LPG transshipment facility in Hambanthota. LAUGFS continues to expand and empower millions as a trusted Sri Lankan brand.