With a rich and illustrious history spanning an impressive 37 years in the Sri Lankan steel sector, Janatha Steels is poised for a dynamic and promising future, marked by a slew of innovative ventures designed to enhance the overall stakeholder experience.

As a new generation of leadership steps into the business, Janatha Steels is primed to accelerate its growth trajectory and fully embrace a culture of innovation.

At present, the organisation proudly boasts three major ventures under its banner – Janatha Tyre Industries, Janatha Automobiles and Janatha Global Exports – each of which has adeptly acquired internationally renowned brands.

Janatha Steels, a stalwart within the steel sector, ventured ambitiously into the automobile sector with the establishment of Janatha Automobiles. This strategic move has enabled the company to secure agency rights for reputable international brands specialising in spare parts, batteries, tyres and tractors.

In a similar vein, Janatha Tyre Industries has formed collaborative partnerships with multiple tyre agencies, enabling the company to provide its customers with a wide-ranging selection of high quality tyres at competitive prices.

This endeavour not only guarantees customer satisfaction but also bolsters the network of intermediaries involved in the distribution process.

Within the sphere of exports, Janatha Global Exports has opened up new horizons by actively contributing to Sri Lanka’s economic resurgence. The company is currently concentrating its efforts on identifying and procuring top-quality products that meet rigorous international standards.

Janatha Global Exports now serves as a vital conduit for a range of Sri Lankan coconut products including coir mattress fibre and coir bristle fibre, as well as fresh produce like vegetables, fruits and indigenous spices, such as cardamom, cloves and cinnamon.

These locally sourced products are acquired directly from farmers across the island, further reinforcing the company’s unwavering commitment to supporting local communities.

While steel products continue to remain Janatha Steels’ core strength, meticulously crafted within its state-of-the-art facilities, the organisation’s substantial financial resources, technical expertise and robust infrastructure facilities firmly establish it as a commanding player within the sector.

A pivotal leap forward in the company’s future aspirations is its recent signing of a Board of Investment (BOI) agreement, paving the way for the establishment of a cutting-edge steel manufacturing plant in Hambantota. This bold move underscores its deep-seated commitment to developing innovative steel products, contingent upon the stabilisation of the country’s economic landscape.

In the grand scheme of things, Janatha Steels’ overarching objective is to secure a leadership role across all its ventures, be they in the realm of retail or wholesale, all while diligently prioritising the satisfaction of its diverse customer base.

Janatha Steels notes that its unwavering commitment to quality is non-negotiable and it consistently offers competitive prices to customers across the island. With a history of 37 years dedicated to customer satisfaction, Janatha Steels’ legacy is as old as the company itself.

Establishing and nurturing strong relationships with its hardware suppliers and customers is a fundamental pillar of Janatha Steels’ business philosophy. The company’s dedication to quality plays a pivotal role in its associations with suppliers.

Janatha Steels maintains open channels of communication, ensuring that suppliers fully comprehend its rigorous quality standards and expectations. By fostering transparency and trust, the organisation cultivates an environment conducive to collaborative problem solving and continuous improvement.

When it comes to customers, Janatha Steels’ commitment to offering competitive prices and quality products is only the start. Its focus extends to providing excellent customer service including swift responses to inquiries, efficient order processing and dependable after sales support.

Its enduring presence in the market attests to its track record of customer satisfaction. Over the years, Janatha Steels has forged enduring bonds with its customers, gaining insights into their evolving needs and preferences. This enables the company to customise its offering to better meet customer requirements, providing a truly personalised experience.

The company’s strategies for cultivating strong relationships encompass an unyielding dedication to quality, transparent communication, competitive pricing, exceptional customer service and a history of reliability spanning decades. Janatha Steels’ enduring commitment to excellence and quality assurance continues to set the gold standard in the sector.

Its journey into the future is unmistakably marked by an unswerving dedication to excellence and a steadfast commitment to quality that will undoubtedly continue to set the gold standard in the sector. Janatha Steels’ illustrious legacy is poised to evolve into an even brighter and more innovative future.

– Compiled by Dona Senara



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