Q: How does DIMO Healthcare facilitate different segments of the local healthcare sector?

A: DIMO Healthcare plays a significant role across various domains in the sector – from medical equipment, devices, consumables and contrast mediums to pharmaceuticals.

We are renowned for leadership in the medical equipment sector with a focus on radiology, ophthalmology, critical care, cardiology, oncology, urology and neonatal care in collaboration with world renowned manufacturers Siemens Healthineers, Carl Zeiss and Dräger.

In the devices segment, DIMO Healthcare provides cardiac stents, mechanical heart valves, catheters and pacemakers from internationally reputed principals such as Boston Scientific and Abbott.

Additionally, in the consumables and contrast mediums sector, it offers various essential medical products, medical printers, monitors, pressure indicators and accessories for neonatal care, and immobilisation accessories for radiation therapy, critical care, anaesthesiology and diagnostics from Sony and Codonics.

In the previous year, DIMO Healthcare also ventured into the pharmaceutical industry by acquiring Mansel (Ceylon) and Associated Laboratories.

These acquisitions enable DIMO Healthcare to offer over 250 pharmaceutical products that cover pain management, respiratory disorders, gastroenterology, liver diseases, antibiotics, endocrinology, cardiovascular antihistamines, vitamins and supplements, neurology, dermatology and psychiatric treatments, from renowned pharmaceutical brands such as Medochemie, Grifols, Harsen, Hovid, Geno, Tabros, Charak, Hermed and Hetero.

DIMO Healthcare is the leading supplier of PET scanners, MRI scanners and operating microscopes in Sri Lanka.

Radiology equipment supplied by DIMO Healthcare serves over half a million patients annually. Operating microscopes are used in more than 213,000 surgeries and over 1.5 million diagnostic tests a year.

In addition, we have also placed significant value on providing exceptional after sales service given its importance in ensuring the uninterrupted functionality of this vital medical equipment.

Q: What identified gaps in the healthcare sector is DIMO seeking to fill?

A: DIMO Healthcare recognises the significance of adopting advanced technology in healthcare that aligns with global standards. We actively seek innovative solutions that can elevate the healthcare sector in Sri Lanka and address specific niche areas accordingly.

As a responsible corporate entity, we ensure that these initiatives align with shaping the global health and healthcare strategic outlook, while minimising environmental impacts, unnecessary radiation and patient errors in healthcare delivery.

Q: And what is your assessment of DIMO’s contribution to Sri Lanka’s healthcare sector?

A: DIMO Healthcare has been at the forefront of introducing futuristic technologies to Sri Lanka to fuel dreams and aspirations of our people by building a healthier nation.

DIMO Healthcare has achieved many pioneering milestones including the introduction of Sri Lanka’s first tomotherapy unit. And it was also the first to introduce PET scanners with the premium LSO-based detector technology to Sri Lanka, facilitating the obtaining of more precise information, resulting in greater potential for an earlier diagnosis and a more definitive treatment strategy.

In partnership with Carl Zeiss, we introduced novel technologies that enable more accurate diagnoses. The Multi-Spot Green Laser therapeutic microscope – which improves therapeutic treatments for diabetic retinopathy – and wide-angle fundus photography technology that allows for a 133° detection angle of the retina without the need for dilation are some of the many such innovations.

The recent introduction of the ZEISS CT LUCIA 621P Monofocal Intraocular Lens (IOL) to Sri Lanka will deliver optimised visual outcomes for cataract patients while reducing the risk of complications.

DIMO Healthcare also consistently strives to elevate the sector by equipping local clinicians with knowledge of the latest global trends in medical technology.

Q: How do you view DIMO Healthcare’s expertise and capabilities in the healthcare field in terms of elevating the local sector to the next level?

A: DIMO has a history spanning over eight decades with a strong presence in the healthcare sector – particularly over the last four decades.

We have a team with extensive experience enabling us to continuously progress. It’s worth mentioning that all DIMO Healthcare engineers gain expertise from the principal factories, ensuring that they are well-equipped to handle the maintenance and servicing of medical equipment.

DIMO Healthcare maintains a 24 hour hotline and upholds a remarkable 95 percent uptime while ensuring uninterrupted healthcare services throughout the country.

Q: And finally, how does DIMO Healthcare envision the future of the healthcare sector in the country?

A: We envision that the future of Sri Lanka’s healthcare sector will be characterised by digital transformation and advanced technology.

DIMO Healthcare has transitioned from being a traditional supplier and service provider of medical equipment to a comprehensive supplier of consumables, devices and pharmaceuticals in a short span.

Aligning with the global shift towards digital healthcare solutions, we’re gearing up to enhance our product portfolio with AI technology and self-learning capabilities, which we believe will be pivotal for the sustainability of the healthcare sector in Sri Lanka as it evolves.

– Compiled by Yamini Sequeira


Priyantha Dissanayake Chief Operating Officer DIMO Healthcare


Telephone: 2449797 | Email: dimo@dimolanka.com | Website: www.dimolanka.com