Hemas Holdings Partners with InterBalance to enhance its Sustainability Management Framework

Hemas Holdings, one of Sri Lanka’s largest conglomerates partnered with InterBalance to refine and upgrade its sustainability management framework and further integrate sustainability within business strategy and operations.

Co-founded by Chulendra de Silva and Charith Jayasundera in 2015, InterBalance is a consultancy services provider for corporate clients in the fields of Sustainability and Enterprise Risk Management that strives to provide management solutions by way of customised processes and frameworks.

“While companies may have various management information systems to drive its financial performance, only few companies have implemented similar systems to obtain, analyse, and monitor the large amounts of data relating to the non-financial performance of a company. Obtaining such non-financial data involves the introduction of new, non-financially driven organizational processes, the implementation of changes to existing management processes and the establishment of organizational structures to manage such a system,” said Mr. Charith Jayasundera, Co-Founder and Partner of InterBalance.

“The upgraded and refined sustainability management framework together with the sustainability performance analysis program introduced across the Group with the assistance of InterBalance, has allowed us to review our performance throughout the year from both a financial and non-financial perspective. This system has provided us with valuable management insights in real time and have assisted in making key management decisions,” said Ms. Shiromi Masakorala, General Manager – Group Sustainability and Corporate Communications of Hemas Holdings PLC.

“We believe that this comprehensive management framework will also enable Hemas to respond to its varied stakeholder concerns and enable the Group to manage its environmental and social risks. The framework revolves around assessing the Group’s material aspects, continuously monitoring its sustainability KPIs and designing sustainability initiatives in response to such KPIs. It, therefore acts as the foundation to enable the Group to push towards its established sustainability targets and overall goals. In the forthcoming year we would be partnering with the Group to undertake management reviews, internal sustainability assurances and assist Hemas in its overall sustainability journey” said Mr. Chulendra De Silva, Co-Founder and Partner of InterBalance.