Arimac Digital and Harpo’s Pizza partners to launch ‘Harpo’s Pizza Rush’

IMI Games, Sri Lanka’s premier Online Gaming platform by Arimac Digital has partnered with Sri Lanka’s first ever home-grown Pizza brand, Harpo’s Pizza & Pasta  to launch their brand-oriented gamification project ‘Harpo’s Pizza Rush’on IMI games platform. This new experience allows the plethora of Sri Lanka’s ever-connected smartphone users and passionate foodies to play and win weekly prizes sponsored by the Harpo’s Pizza .

‘Pizza Rush’ sees each player as an experienced Harpo’s chef, attempting to collect a mouthwateringly delectable array of baked Harpos pizzas while also gathering green-lined Cinnamon wood bundles and avoiding red-lined logs. Player’s island-wide will have a chance at winning weekly prizes that include gift vouchers to feast from Harpo’s Pizza,

Boasting of over 50,000 downloads from 50 games in all three languages of English, Sinhala and Tamil, IMI Games now offers corporates the opportunity of hosting branded games in their portal. As a result, Harpo’s Pizza partnered with the company to launch “Harpo’s Pizza Rush”. Drawing inspiration from Harpo’s signature wood-fired oven and chef suit, this exclusive game sports a logo with the brand’s charismatic founder and Chairman, Harpo Goonaratne on it.

Speaking on this new partnership, Founder and Chairman of Harpo’s Cafes & Restauratns, Harpo Gooneratne said,“The younger generation in Sri Lanka is one that is always connected and informed more than ever before, mostly through smartphones. They are also a generation that seems to be giving a lot more prominence to the overall quality of life, in terms of new experiences, food, finances as opposed to just surviving. The partnership with IMI Games intends to capitalize on these facts to increase our engagement with this crowd while also allowing them to experience the high-quality food, drink and entertainment experiences of international standards we continuously strive to maintain at our establishments.”

Harpo’s will use IMI Games as their exclusive media partner in an attempt to reach their target audience. With an already built audience of young nationals, IMI Games would, therefore, be the ideal platform on which corporates can run their customer engagement activities.

Chiming in on the same note, Founder and CEO of Arimac, Chamira Jayasinghe, “Through IMI Games we have continuously proven our expertise in catering to the trilingual gaming market of Sri Lanka – there is something for everyone. We are also happy to announce that we have also opened up our mobile gaming portal to help brands take advantage on world’s steep movement to digital and increase engagement with their younger target audiences in a completely novel yet predictably, successful way.”

IMI’s platform will also allow game developers to upload games onto the portal and earn money for their developments. Users can access the portal via a monthly subscription model and ad-hock bundles.Gamers can earn IMI coins, a form of virtual currency, as rewards to be used for in-app purchases which include unlocking premier games, lifelines etc. IMI Games will be dipping its toes in the international waters of Fiji, Australia, Indonesia and Pakistan within the next 12 months – connecting gamers and developers to share invaluable experiences and industry knowledge across all countries.

About Arimac Digital

Founded in 2011, Arimac Digital delivers high-quality customized digital solutions that cover game mobile and enterprise, artificial intelligence and machine learning, immersive technologies, and game design and development. The company bears claim to a diverse investment portfolio and their in-house ecosystem to support a client base which includes Dialog Axiata, Coca-Cola, Amatil, Microsoft, MAS, Hemas, Sri Lankan Airlines, Brandix, 3M, Emirates, Lowe LDB, Nestle, JWT, Ogilvy, and Unilever. Their online gaming platform, IMI Games, was launched in October 2018 and since then boasts of over 50 trilingual mini and hypercasual games developed in house by pure local talent. Some famous names include ‘DadinBidin,’ ‘Ropes Ropes,’ etc.., with plans to continuously keep adding more.

About Harpo’s Cafes & Restaurants

With a strong vision to provide quality experiences backed by international standards, Harpos Café’s & Restaurants is a hospitality and event management company, managed and operated by Harpo Gooneratne – a well-known personality in the Sri Lankan Hospitality sphere. With the launch of The Bay Leaf restaurant for authentic Italian food in 2004, the company has since then expanded to include several hallmark establishments in the country, including The Commons, Rotti Cart’ by The Commons is another unique offering , the Park Street Mews Restaurant , Colombo Fort Café, and the Curve Tapas Bar & Restaurant. Harpo’s Pizza, launched in 2007  – a truly Sri Lankan home-grown, pizza brand – has since then become a favourite local fast food name and now expanded to offer the Retail brand of Harpo’s Fresh Pasta,  Sauces and the first Frozen pizza selection – available at city super markets. All this in addition to organizing novel events with both local and international entertainers.