ESOFT Metro Campus, Sri Lanka’s leading private higher education institution, recently hosted a milestone event to introduce doctoral programmes in collaboration with two esteemed foreign universities.

This includes Sri Lanka’s inaugural British PhD programme in partnership with Kingston University, London, alongside the introduction of a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) programme delivered through distance learning in collaboration with Manipal GlobalNxt University, Malaysia.

The launch – held on 13 March at Campus One in Shangri-La’s One Galle Face Business Tower – welcomed esteemed guests including Prof. Mukesh Limbachiya, Professor of Civil Engineering, and Faculty Lead of Apprenticeship and Academic Partnerships at Kingston University, London.

Dr. Dayan Rajapakse – Chairman, Managing Director and Founder of the ESOFT Group of Companies – shared insights into these prestigious programmes in a conversation with LMD, underscoring their significance in shaping the educational landscape of Sri Lanka.

Q: Could you explain the reason for launching doctoral study programmes in Sri Lanka with Kingston University and Manipal GlobalNxt University?

A: This programme offers Sri Lankan researchers a unique chance to pursue a doctoral degree with esteemed academics from Kingston University and Manipal GlobalNxt University without leaving the country. It’s a cost-effective alternative to studying abroad, enabling researchers to maintain their jobs while completing their PhDs.

Kingston University’s PhD and Manipal GlobalNxt University’s DBA empower corporate leaders to conduct world-class research and gain international recognition.

Q: Is this truly a British PhD directly from Kingston?

A: Indeed – once students complete their registration, they become Kingston University students with full access to its resources in London.

Q: How does the supervision model function in this collaborative PhD programme?

A: Students receive dual supervision – a primary supervisor from Kingston University and secondary supervisor in Sri Lanka, either from ESOFT or of their choice. This ensures close guidance throughout the research journey.

Q: What fields or disciplines are included in the programme?

A: Primarily, the focus is on IT and engineering. Other disciplines may be considered based on supervisor availability at Kingston University.

Q: How long does it typically take to complete the PhD?

A: Students who are devoted to the cause can aim to finish it within three years although most researchers take four to five years to complete the programme.

Q: Are visits to the UK required?

A: Students will visit the UK for approximately two weeks every other year for intensive sessions and meetings with their supervisors.

Q: What are the entry requirements?

A: Typically, students need a master’s degree and relevant experience in their chosen fields. Entry decisions are made through individual interviews and discussions.

Q: When can students begin the programme?

A: There are no fixed intake dates for doctoral programmes. Students can commence their research journeys based on the availability of supervisors.

Transitioning from the discussion on the Kingston University PhD programme, Rajapakse shed light on the relevance of Manipal GlobalNxt University’s DBA programme, where ESOFT acts as the recruiting partner for the Malaysian institution. Manipal’s DBA programmes are renowned for their fusion of research and practical skills.

Q: Can you tell us the typical duration of the doctoral programme in business administration?

A: The minimum duration is two years.

Q: How do the teaching and learning processes function in this programme?

A: This programme is designed for working professionals seeking to elevate their careers.  The programme is delivered through a comprehensive online learning platform with live interactive sessions for specific modules.

Q: What about supervision during the programme?

A: The supervisors are assigned from Manipal GlobalNxt University. However, participants have the option to choose a local supervisor, provided they meet Manipal’s requirements.

Q: And what are the entry criteria for this programme?

A: Typically, applicants hold a recognised MBA and relevant experience. Alternative entry criteria may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Q: When can prospective students enrol in the programme?

A: There are multiple intakes throughout the year and we are currently accepting applications for the upcoming intake. Details can be found on the ESOFT website under the ‘courses’ section.

A stepping stone for Sri Lanka, ESOFT provides globally recognised programmes, paving the way for the country to become a knowledge exchange and hub, while cultivating a culture of innovation and critical thinking.

– Compiled by Dona Senara


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