The Rosie May Foundation continues to empower women through programmes that support single mothers and children in Sri Lanka and Nepal.

One of its projects seeks to support women in obtaining a driving licence and earning an income by providing transport facilities. The scheme is not a charity; drivers pay for training and their trishaw rent is used for maintenance.

According to project manager Ramani Samarasinghe, the women are referred by social services or the police, and they tend to be in difficult personal circumstances.

For instance, one of these women now owns a trishaw, and offers transport to children, women and families in her hometown in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka – as a single parent experiencing a financial crisis, she has transformed herself, and is now able to pay for her trishaw’s daily rental and fuel costs, and has some extra money for her family.

Celebrating International Women’s Day earlier this month, the foundation encouraged its nine female trishaw drivers to drive through small towns, and highlight their ability and success.