DSL Energy to offer off-grid solar solutions, partners with Indian battery giant OKAYA Power

02nd November 2022, Colombo: Marking a key stride in its philosophy of continually developing to meet the evolving need for smart and sustainable energy solutions, DSL Energy, a member of Douglas & Sons (Pvt) Ltd., recently announced a partnership with India’s Okaya Power Group, a prominent brand entrusted with top-quality battery products worldwide.

Through this partnership, DSL Energy aims to offer off-grid solar energy solutions to the Sri Lankan market via Okaya Power Group’s acclaimed product suite. This includes their range of Batteries, panels and Inverters. As a result of this partnership, the Sri Lankan market will enjoy the best warranty conditions on such products, with 3 years for batteries, 2 years for inverters and 25 years for panels.

Distributed through DSL Energy’s 400+ networks of island-wide dealers, customers will benefit from installments payment plans, excellent after-sales service via local service centers and the availability of products which will suit varying energy capacities as per customer requirements.

“We believe that the sun is one of the most valuable, yet underutilized renewable energy sources. From powering households and businesses, solar energy can drive entire industries and economies. Since DSL and Okaya share the same philosophy on production quality and consumer trust, we take great pride in partnering with Okaya to boost the Sri Lankan green energy sector with eco-friendly, reliable, and long-lasting battery products that Okaya offers.” said Neranjan Jayasinghe, Head of DSL Energy. 

“Our partnership with DSL Energy will add Sri Lanka to the growing list of over 50 countries in which we operate. As the world shifts towards harnessing the power of renewable energy, our holistic range of products acts as a catalyst to achieve the same. We are confident that together with DSL Energy’s expertise in the Sri Lankan market, we will be able to work together to build the most energised network of customers who power their lives with sunshine.” said Anil Gupta, Vice President, International Business, Okaya Power Group.

Since its inception, DSL Energy has helped clients match their solar energy requirements with sustainable, realistic, guaranteed, and affordable energy solutions. The company focuses on providing a one-stop-shop for all solar energy solutions to their clients, from understanding their primary energy requirements to providing after-sales support and services. DSL Energy continually develops to meet the ever-changing need for smart and sustainable energy solutions and has a proven track record of providing solutions that deliver real benefits and savings.

Manufacturing and designing all types of batteries, battery cells, power packs, storage batteries, battery containers, battery covers, battery eliminators, chargeable batteries, solar power batteries and other types of batteries, Okaya has become the champion in the battery manufacturing industry with a diversified product range and service categories. Tubular Battery, Inverter Battery and Solar Battery, SMF Battery, E-Rickshaw Battery, Lithium and EV charging solutions are Okaya’s expertise, and also, Okaya is the sole manufacturer of 100% Tubular Batteries. Constantly redefining quality and excellence with a dedicated research & development team, Okaya utilises cutting-edge technologies to introduce state-of-the-art battery products.

Anil Gupta – International Vice President, OKAYA Power Group addressing DSL’s Solar Dealers and Contractors at the official launch
Saroj Perera – Chairman and Managing Director, Douglas & Sons (Pvt) Ltd addressing the Solar Dealers and Contractors at the official Launch