Q: Could you provide an overview of Doutchmark and its evolution?

A: Doutchmark began as a supplier of blankets and other commodities to SriLankan Airlines. Being a pilot by occupation, I’ve always been inspired by the travel and tourism business. And during my search for the best opportunity to launch a destination management company (DMC), I had established good contacts with agents from Europe and China, which helped build the base of Doutchmark.

Doutchmark is a destination management company that offers tailor-made personalised services to clients to provide them the best return through value additions and high quality services, and guarantees them ‘the perfect vacation’ – as is rightly the company’s motto.

From the best value budget options – for free independent travel (FIT) as well as group travellers – to contemporary luxury travel arrangements, which include exclusive domestic air and cruise travel, Doutchmark offers an extensive range of tour packages that cover the exquisite charm and authentic experiences that this beautiful island has to offer.

Our fourth anniversary celebrations took place on 26 January at Marino Beach Hotel in Colombo where we hosted hoteliers and travel suppliers’ executives, to commemorate their assistance and support during the company’s four years of operations. We believe that this was the first time a travel agent hosted hoteliers and related suppliers on such a grand scale – instead of it being the other way around – and it was indeed a huge success.

The meet and greet provided a great opportunity for us to thank those who have helped us along the way and brief everyone about our plans for the upcoming year. So we were able to showcase the company’s future vision for expansion. Our partnering luxury tea brand – Santhiyagu – was also launched on the same day.

We owe a lot to our parent company Isuru Enterprises, which is owned by my father. Doutchmark has received immense encouragement, guidance and support from him, without which it wouldn’t be where it is today.

Q: How would you describe the competition and what strategies do you employ to stay ahead of it?

A: Sri Lanka’s travel and tourism sector is flourishing, and we definitely see tremendous potential in terms of growth and opportunities within this sphere. Indeed, there are a number of well-established DMCs that have done incredibly well for themselves and made their mark in the industry.

As a fairly new company that’s only been in the game for the past four years, we believe that we’ve performed very well. The next step is to diversify into other sectors and avenues, such as hotels and air taxis, with our core mission being to establish a strong presence and strengthen our brand as a major service provider or host in Sri Lanka.

In line with this vision, we have our own logistics arm – Doutchmark Logistics – and we’re looking to venture into the hospitality trade in the near future.

Our new venture – the Santhiyagu tea brand – encompasses a variety of flavoured tea, black tea, white tea and green tea (in both hot and cold blends), which are made from authentic and natural Sri Lankan ingredients. The brand caters to foreign as well as local markets at our outlet in Kaduwela.

Q: What are the key challenges faced by Doutchmark in the context of the tourism industry?

A: Constant changes in market trends are definitely our biggest challenge. However, we’re extremely confident about what we deliver in terms of both quality and experience; and we’ve been able to break through this barrier with the help of our expertise.

Q: In your opinion, what are the main strengths of your company?

A: I think our biggest strength lies in the team. We have a thoroughly competent and dynamic group of individuals who are extremely dedicated to the company, and have been instrumental in achieving all that we have in the past four years.

Our team consists of professionals from the planning division of our parent company, spirited youth, highly skilled drivers and professional tour guides who embody the quintessential Sri Lankan hospitality.

The connections, knowledge and expertise that they collectively bring to Doutchmark are invaluable.

Q: And last but not least, what are the organisation’s future plans?

A: Having focussed on international clients and the foreign segment so far, we’re expanding our operations to cater to local travellers as well. We will be providing fully personalised and exclusive travel packages for domestic travel and tours as well.

As mentioned earlier, we intend to diversify and establish our presence in other sectors.

At the outset, we plan to tie up with hotels and make our way into the hospitality sector. We’re hoping to launch domestic air taxis soon – and we are excited about this.

Moreover, we aim to fortify our online presence through online bookings and increased social media engagement, and aspire to be a listed company very soon.

Randula De Silva
Telephone 4848404
Email hello@doutchmark.com
Website www.doutchmark.com