100 days to 100 years – CJS counts down to centenary celebrations

  • Jacqueline Fernandez returns to CJS to shoot 100 year collection
  • Otara, Asha and Yohani join CJS in the countdown

It’s just 100 days to celebrate 100 years of a tale of glitz, glamour, style and beauty.  Colombo Jewellery Stores founded by Thaha Cassim in February 1922 weaves a fascinating tapestry that intertwines the lustre of stones with the multi-hued threads of this island’s history over an entire century.  Into this work of art is woven the tale of a galaxy of women who have made CJS a part of their life story and some of these celebrity personalities joined CEO  Akram Cassim at  CJS Heritage Store at No 1 Alfred House Gardens Colombo 3 to celebrate the countdown of 100 days.

At the heart of multiple CJS collections since 2009 including Quite Simply Stunning, Hometown, Perpetual Grace, Unforgettable and Ocean Blues Collections is the multi-award winning Bollywood star CJS Brand Ambassador Jacqueline Fernandez who flew into Sri Lanka to kickstart the countdown.  It is she who will showcase the legacy of the CJS 100 year collection to be unveiled in February.  Akram’s favourite photographs featuring Jacqueline in the various campaigns over the years is featured on the Jacqueline Wall at the CJS Store.

Joining her at the countdown were Founder of Odel and Embark and legendary entrepreneur Otara Gunewardena and pioneer in blue whale research, multi-acclaimed marine biologist and Founder of Oceanswell Dr Asha de Vos.  Sri Lanka’s youngest global singing sensation Yohani joined the fray of glamorous women, who each added their vignettes of style and elegance to the surrounds of the CJS Store.

“It was my grandfather Thaha Cassim who was 23 at the time, who ventured into the metropolis of Colombo from his hometown of the Fort in Galle to open the store of his dreams, selling fabulous gems and fashionable jewellery with quality being centric to everything he did,” says Akram. “From then on, CJS has been a part of every special moment in people’s lives, with the store being visited by royalty, business and political tycoons, the literati and the glitterati.”

Jacqueline called her return home after two years an emotional homecoming saying, “Throughout my 11 year relationship with CJS, I have travelled around the country, explored every facet and concept of different types of jewellery and been a part of the history being made.  And what makes CJS so special is it’s not just about jewellery but about giving back to society and empowering communities.”

It is this element of passion for a cause and empowerment that attracted both Otara and Asha into being a part of the CJS story. Otara mentioned that her association with CJS since 2009 brought forth nine collections including the limited edition Otara and Hoola collections, while inspired by whales and dolphins, Akram & Asha designed two collections for Oceanswell with the primary aim of continuing the research mooted by Asha.  “It is very heartening to have someone being absolutely committed to your cause,” said Asha of her partnership with CJS since 2018.

And today, while CJS follows the legacy of sparkling gems, glamorous jewellery and luxurious timepieces from TAG Heuer, Breitling and Hublot, what lies within the heart of the brand is its passion to give back including its most recent collaboration with the Emerge Lanka Foundation and the need to create a sustainable planet.

November 10, 2021