AIA is insurance industry first to launch fully automated and integrated IVR to enhance customer convenience

17th January 2020: AIA Insurance is happy to introduce its latest customer convenience initiative; Automated Call Centre Services. This sees the application of a new and sophisticated, fully automated and integrated IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system to the Inbound Call Care Centre, making AIA a life insurance industry first in Sri Lanka to introduce such a system.

AIA Insurance customers can now enquire on their insurance premiums any time of the day, any day of the week, all year long! This fully automated IVR system allows customers to access information on their policy status and premium details. In addition to this, customers will receive an SMS with the enquired details. This means, 24/7 access, no hold time and no interaction with call centre agents.

AIA’s IVR system comes with a host of revolutionary features including a single call center interface for call centre agents and a customizable, detailed wall board for the call centre. It also enables customer identification at the point of receiving the call, which is an industry first feature in Sri Lanka. Customers can be recognized from their phone number and need not go through long validation processes.

AIA’s Director and Chief Officer Legal and Governance and interim Director of Operations, Chathuri Munaweera noted, “As per our records about 50% of call volume to our call center is related to premium position. We wanted to find a way to reduce this traffic while making the customer’s interaction with us easier, faster and more effective. We understand that our customers are busy and wanted to ensure that we respect their time while making it easier for them to access information about their premiums.”

AIA’s Director IT, Umeshi de Fonseka added, “At AIA we are constantly looking for ways to improve our processes so that we can offer unmatched convenience to our customers. This new IVR system will help us manage our customer interactions more effectively, which will help us improve operations across the enterprise, boost customer loyalty and grow our business.

Call AIA on 0112 310310 and press 1 to access the IVR system and get your policy status and premium details.