Global growth headed down as inflation surge to endure: Report
NDTV - July 27, 2022

The global economy is in the grips of a serious slowdown, with some key economies at high risk of recession and only sparse meaningful cooling in inflation over the next year, according to Reuters polls of economists.

Most central banks are only part-way through a still-urgent cycle of interest rate rises as many policymakers make up for a collective error in judgment last year thinking supply chain-related inflation pressures would not last.

That carries with it another risk - central banks moving too quickly without taking time to assess damage from the fastest interest rate rises in more than a generation following over a decade of near-zero rates.

Despite their aggressive response - in some cases, the most in several decades - inflation has yet to ease in most of the near-50 economies covered in the June 27-July 25 Reuters surveys of more than 500 forecasters around the world.

The US Federal Reserve, due to hike rates by another 75 basis points later on Wednesday, is a case in point. Inflation there, currently at a four-decade high of 9.1 per cent, is not expected to cool to the Fed's 2 per cent target until at least 2024.