Q: What is your assessment of the level of corporate dynamism in Sri Lanka?

Corporate dynamism is an essential process for productivity and growth. The world is constantly evolving, and the global need is to keep changing, adapting and adopting.

COVID-19 pushed us out of comfort zones and forced the business world to adapt to survive. Local corporate dynamism is moderate but has the potential to reach greater heights.

Q: Would you agree that dynamism is an important concern vis-à-vis attracting talent?

Dynamism is important to attract talent, knowledge and experience. If organisations remain static and maintain mundane work environments, they will hold no appeal for potential employees who are eager to further their careers and contribute to organisational growth.

Q: How would you describe tech adoption in the health profession?

Healthcare is dependent on medical technology, which displays rapid growth and development. Machines can become outdated in less than two years. For example, we began with a 32 Slice CT scan machine and now have a 640 Slice CT scan machine.

Therefore, hospitals must continuously follow medical technology and upgrade wherever possible. Examples include the use of robotics to perform noninvasive surgery or a picture archiving and communication system (PACS) to share radiology images with hospital consultants. This system enables them to conduct remote reporting. Such systems result in more effective and efficient procedures.

Modern medicine and technology are intertwined. This is evidenced by virtual patient information databases and new PACS enabling consultants to access vital reports such as MRIs through their phones or helping consultants to conduct immediate diagnoses from wherever they are.

We endeavour to utilise modern medical technology to provide the most comfortable and pain-free surgical procedures with minimal recovery time, ensuring overall patient satisfaction. Adopting and integrating state-of-the-art technology with medicine is how one stays relevant – and it’s how we stay dynamic.