End of yet another glorious Leoistic year for Leo Multiple District 306, Sri Lanka

 Leoism is a valuable platform filled with a myriad of opportunities for young people who are inspired and motivated to make a positive change within their communities. Leo club program is regarded as the official youth program of Lions Clubs International, which is the world’s largest service club organization working towards many causes including diabetes, hunger, vision, environment, childhood cancer, and many more. Currently, the Lions Multiple District 306 – Sri Lanka is led under the guidance and patronage of Multiple Council Chairman, Lion Deva Peter MJF for the fiscal year 2020/2021. Further, we are blessed beyond measure to have the support of our very own Pride of Sri Lanka Past International President Lion Mahendra Amarasuriya PMJF with us.  In addition, the Leo Multiple District 306 is the administrative body that consists of six Leo Districts with 169 Leo Clubs in Sri Lanka.  With over 10060  members, Leo of Sri Lanka is one of the nation’s largest volunteer service organizations, spanning all across the island under six Leo Districts as 306A1, 306A2, 306B1, 306B2, 306C1 and 306C2, all governed under the Leo Multiple District 306.

With the dawn of the fiscal year 2020/2021, the Leo Multiple District 306 started a new chapter under the leadership of Leo Lion Champaka Dammage, an aspiring leader aiming to revolutionize Sri Lankan Leoism. Leo Lion Champaka Dammage is a proud product of Mahanama College and currently works as a Senior Software Engineer at DirectFN Sri Lanka. With the theme “Spark Inspiration”, four focus areas including aiming for sustainable membership, quality projects, enhanced PR and branding, and encouraging innovation among Leos, were introduced. Assisting the leadership of the Multiple District President was the Executive Committee which consisted of Leo Lion Dilruk Tissera as Immediate Past Multiple District President, Leo Lion Dilshan Peiris as Multiple District Vice President, PDG Lion Widyakeerthi Dissanayake MJF as Multiple District Chairman for Leos, Leo Mudith Jayasekara as Multiple District Secretary and Leo Lasitha Walisingha as Multiple District Treasurer, Leo Lion Ramathi Rajapakshe and Leo Sahan Peiris as Multiple District Assistant Secretaries, Leo Kasun Ramanayake as Multiple District Assistant Treasurer and the dynamic team of Leo Multiple Council officers.

Along with this dynamic team, Leo Lion Champaka Dammage was able to lead a successful year despite the global pandemic. As the governing body of Sri Lankan Leoism, the Leo Multiple District 306 released a special statement advising all Leo Clubs to conduct projects while adhering to all health guidelines issued by the government. However, amidst the struggles, the Leos of Sri Lanka managed to continue all operations with a twist of innovation and technology, motivation, and sheer force of will.

Significant initiatives and projects by the Leo Multiple 306

Elevate Leoism: Leadership Symposium for Club and Council Officers

“Elevate Leoism” was a leadership symposium which was organized by the Leo Multiple District 306 to empower the Leos of Sri Lanka. This was conducted on 5th and 6th September 2020 at Dampe Village, Piliyandala. Targeted primarily towards the District and Club Officers (one day workshop for club officers and a residential workshop for District and Multiple officials), the symposium focused on enabling the Leos to discover concepts and competencies behind successful Leo practices. Moreover, the Leos were guided to build self-awareness and confidence in order to become the leaders of the future. The symposium consisted of in-depth sessions on areas such as protocol and constitution, brand enhancement in Leoism, making impressions for success, insights on quality projects, and technology and innovation in service, conducted by an eminent panel of speakers. In addition, a special session was conducted for the Leo District Officers, which consisted of leadership training and awareness on the most accurate reporting practices. Overall, it was an informative and an entertaining experience for all Leos.

Leo Mass Induction and Membership Growth

During the fiscal year 2020/2021, the Leo Multiple District 306 saw a massive increase in membership. With a highly successful mass induction, this Leoistic Year the membership was improved greatly. Due to the situation of the country, the mass induction was held online, with the gracious presence of a few distinguished guests such as International Third Vice President Dr. Patti Hill, Past International President Lion Mahendra Amarasuriya PMJF, Leo-Lion Board Liaison 2020-21 Leo Lion Aayush Bagla and Multiple Council Chairman, Lion Deva Peter MJF MAF. During this event, a staggering 2890 Leos were inducted into the movement. The event was concluded in a magnificent manner, with inspiring words from the distinguished guests wishing the best for the Leos of Sri Lanka.

FusionV – National Symposium of Synergizing Youth Volunteers

FusionV – National Symposium of Synergizing Youth Volunteers, was Sri Lanka’s first-ever official inauguration to build a common platform for all-volunteer organizations in the country. With the objective of bringing together multiple Youth Volunteer organizations to envision a synergized platform to embark on a new journey together, the event successfully concluded on 8th February 2021 at the Sports Ministry Auditorium with the participation of distinguished guests, including the Chief Guest of the event, Hon. Namal Rajapaksa, Cabinet Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports and the eminent panel, including Mr. Theshara Jaysinghe Chairman/ Director General of National Youth Services Council, Mr. Santhush Weeraman Musical Artist and Managing Director at SGM Films (Pvt) Ltd. , Mr. Bathiya Jayakody Musical Artist and Director at BNS Productions, Ms. Kasturi Chellaraja Wilson the Executive Director/ Group CEO at Hemas Holdings PLC, Ms. Sharmalee Jayasinghe the Country Coordinator at United Nations Volunteers – Sri Lanka and finally, Mr. Julian Bolling from the National Sports Council. Furthermore, the event was graced by Rtr. Kavindra Kasun Sigera, District Rotaract Representative, Sistha G Hewage, Country President of AIESEC Sri Lanka and Dr. Dilhan Jayatilleke, JCI 2020 National President as well. The initial session of FusionV, the first step towards a synergized platform for all youth volunteer organizations in Sri Lanka.

MyLEO Membership privilege card

In a world of infinite possibilities, where everything is as special and unique as every Leo in the Leo arena of Srilanka, we introduced them to a novel concept solely for the benefit of our Leos. MYLEO Membership and privilege card is an ultimate tool to recognize their Leo identity with their very own MYLCI number which would further serve as a continual reminder of their hard work towards the Leo movement. Every Leo with a MYLEO membership and privilege card will be bestowed with a range of exquisite offers from well-recognized vendors – from ultra-luxury dining experiences to trendy attire.

Recognizing the International Leo of the Year for 2020/21

A famous author once said “The Value of achievement lies in the achieving” and the zeal of Leo Sahan Pieris definitely paved the way to his success and achievement in the Leo arena. The prestigious International Leo of the Year Award recognizes Leos who have demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and personal integrity while serving their communities. This year Leo Sahan Pieris of Leo District 306A1 was recognized with the prestigious International Leo of the year award bringing glory and pride to all Leos of Srilanka. We would like to congratulate Leo Sahan Pieris on this well-deserved achievement and wish him all the very best for all his future endeavors!

Admirable activities of the Leo Districts for the year 2020/21

Leo District 306A1

Perseverance, Teamwork, Intellect, and Strength define Leos of A1. Leos of A1 started their journey with the slogan “Empowering Leoism Through Technology”, under the leadership of Leo Malinda Ganewatta.  With an overall membership of 1295 in 22 Leo clubs, the district has truly strived to conduct various initiatives such as ALPHA ONE, Splash Cric League, Pioneer One, Boutique One, Area one and Boutique one. Even amidst the pandemic situation, the Leos of A1 was able to shine and achieve since determination and resilience kept them going and molded them to become who they are today. Success is the satisfaction that you feel when you accomplish your objective and it is no doubt that all Leos of A1 experienced it at the end of a prosperous year standing by their slogan for the year “Empowering Leoism through technology”!

Leo District 306A2

Embarking on the ladder of innovation, Leo Praminda Vindika, the District President of Leo District 306A2 started his journey with the theme “Inspire Innovation” along with the contribution of 1140 Leos in 28 Leo clubs. Through projects namely District Bodhi Poojawa, 16th Annual Leo District Installation ceremony, Council & Club Officers Workshop, Presidents and Club Officers Camp, Designers’ Circle, Joliyata Waliyak – Battle of the Zones – Fellowship Event,  iNSIGHT – Smart Fundraising Workshop, Made in Sri Lanka Program, REFLEXIÓN – Mid Year Review,  Leo Protomol – Card Game, Leo Youth Camp 2021, Leo Game Awurudu & A2 Paduru Sajje and A2Con’21 – Virtual Business Session, the district not only reached the hearts of the community but also molded the young leaders within their district creating amazing and friendly personalities within the Leo movement. This year, Leos of District 306A2 have worked splendidly together as one family bringing glory to the Leo movement of Srilanka.

Leo District 306 B1

Under the leadership and guidance of District President Leo Kunathman Muralitharan, Leo District 306 B1 has motivated young Leos to contribute greatly to the community. With a strong membership of 1023 in 31 Leo clubs, the Leos were able to make a tremendous difference.

Through projects such as Christmas Over The Horizon, B1 Pongal Vizha, Arion, Leaders’ Symposium and Titan Games, the Leos were able to radiate hope and positivity within their communities. Even amidst the pandemic situation, the Leos of B1 have continued to shine and serve, proudly living up to the theme of the District President, “Horizon is the limit”. As the stallion in the crest depicts, the Leos of the District are able to face obstacles and reach the horizon whatever the crucial situation is.

Leo District 306 B2

With the theme “Brand Yourself”, Leo District 306 B2 has served the community while creating the best impression of oneself as a Leo to inspire others. Under the leadership of District President Leo Ruchini Jayasundara, a dedicated and strong leader, the Leos of B2 has served the community through many interesting projects such as Alzar – Club Officers’ Workshop, Sparkle – District Christmas Celebration, Sambhawana – The Literary Day Competition and Diabetes Awareness Poster Competition. With an active membership of 1532 Leos in 22 Leo clubs, District 306 B2 strives to be a leading force of youth in service while branding themselves as great Leos to inspire the next generation of youth volunteers.

Leo District 306 C1

Leos of C1 was on the brink of success this Leoistic year because they worked hard, had persistence and also teamwork, right down to the club level striving to achieve one goal. Looking back at their success, the District started the year with pride with the slogan “Together as one – One dream – One goal” under the leadership of Leo Samitha Perera along with a team of 1775 leos in 29 Leo clubs, uniting together to make a change. Leos of C1 conducted various projects in the year such as Manusath Mehewara, Battle of Cs, Prathirawa, Gavel Challenge, and Global goals. At the end of a successful journey, it was clearly seen that Leos of C1 with partnership, joint effort, cooperation, and collaboration achieved the goals they set forth as one big family during this Leoistic year.

Leo District 306 C2

Volunteerism is a great way to boost self-confidence as it allows an individual to be a productive member of a community; under the guidance of District President, Leo Rahul Attanayake, with the slogan “Finding Yourself Through Serving” the Leos of C2 were invited to find themselves through serving their communities while enhancing self-confidence in Leos. With 37 Leo clubs and a net membership of 3295, the Leo District C2 has conducted successful projects such as Ashirwada Bodhi Pooja, Leaders Gathering, Leaders Outing Eka, Leo District Installation Ceremony, C2 Games, C2 Clash of Zones, Confab Mid Year Review, Urban Adventures 2021 and C2 legends. Through such great service projects which cater to the unique needs of the community and the Leo movement, the Leos of C2 have proven themselves to be true leaders who are dedicated to serving society.

In the pursuit of revolutionizing the world of Leoism, we have certainly been the trailblazers of innovation, while striving to make a difference in the world. Let us continue to thrive and work hard to bring about a better world together, as young volunteers!

Let us, as Leos, spark inspiration all around!

Writers :  Leo Teena Shivani & Leo Disali Gunasekara – Voice of Leos Team