Opening people’s eyes with a simple bookmark.  

Health experts suggests that 9.3 million Sri Lankans suffer from eye sight issues. That’s 43% out of the total population of the country. As much as these alarming numbers, the grave problem we face now is the lack of people’s attention over eye sight issues. The bitter truth is that they keep ignoring loss of vision and varying forms of vision impairment for years before they really do something about it.

This is when Wickramarachchi Opticians approached us at Ahasa Publications, with a simple solution that can open the eyes of an entire nation towards eye-sight issues.

It is a simple bookmark with an interesting story printed on it. The story begins with a font size that anyone could read; and as the story reaches to the most interesting part, the font size gradually gets smaller making it unreadable for anyone with eye sight issues.

So, without any delay, we joined hands with this national initiative as we realized how impactful this eye opening bookmark is.

It was launched at the Colombo International bookfair – the largest book exhibition in South Asia, much anticipated by book lovers all around the country. We distributed this eye opening bookmark for free in our stall along with every book purchased. Furthermore, we decided to continue this initiative by extending this free distribution at our book shops.

The bookmark also entitled the readers for a free eye checkup and better discounts at Wickramarachchi opticians, for those who failed to get to the end of the story.

People’s eyes were open to the realization that their eyes are not what they used to be with a simple bookmark by transforming it to a hand-held eye chart that drives self-realization and action.