In the current competitive market, home sellers must make sure that their properties stand out if they want to grab the attention of the highest paying buyers. The best way to do this is to make sure that the home is professionally presented, which should offer the best results in the shortest possible time.

A proper home presentation can significantly boost the selling price of a home:

One of the main benefits of having your home professionally presented to any potential buyer is that it has the ability to improve the final selling price of that property at a significant margin if it is handled correctly. In fact, experienced real estate agents note that houses that are not presented well to potential buyers can experience a 7% price drop within the first few months the property is in the market. Not only that, properties that experience a price drop has a 75% chance of experiencing another price drop if no further precautions are taken.

It can reduce the amount of time a property has to spend on the open market:

Time is money, and a well-planned home presentation can significantly reduce the duration of time a property has to spend on the market, making sure the property owners will walk away with the cash as soon as possible. According to real estate data, a home that is not staged can spend around 6 months in the market before landing a buyer. On the contrary, a house that is professionally staged and presented will only have to spend around 3 weeks before finding the highest bidder.

Home presentations can make properties appealing to the widest possible audience:

One of the main advantages of having your home professionally staged is that a good home presentation if done the right way, can modify a home to make it look appealing to the widest possible audience found in the property market. While different segments of homebuyers may have differing expectations, a professionally presented home has the ability to grab their attention, increasing the chances of finding the highest bidder for the property in as less time as possible.

It allows home sellers to highlight important selling features of a property to potential buyers:

The first impression that a potential buyer could get when they walk into your house is extremely important. Those first few seconds is all you get to create a “WOW” factor to impress the buyer, making them want to see more of your home. A good home presentation can allow a home seller to create this unique sensation, by highlighting the key selling features of your property. This could include critical areas such as the dining room, the living room or the master bedroom, which, when properly presented, will help the buyer to understand the functionality of such a space.

Home presentations can give buyers an idea of what to expect if they decide to buy your home:

One of the things potential homebuyers like to do when they inspect a home is to try picturing how life would be if they decide to live in that property. However, doing this can be a bit difficult in a property that is not properly presented. This is where home staging can be beneficial for both the buyer and the seller, since it allows the buyers to visualise their life in such a home, reducing the time needed to take a final buying decision. This makes sure that the property will go to the highest bidder.

It gives home sellers a head start before they will have to move to another place:

The eventual result of selling a home is that apart from the seller receiving a lot of money, they will also have to move houses because of the sale. However, the home presentation process can offer sellers a good amount of time to prepare for this move. When staging the property, the seller will have to remove their personal items and other belongings from the home. Given the fact that those items will have to be packed away, means the seller will have time to switch places when the house is sold to a buyer.