An advanced camera is a key feature every user looks for while buying a new smartphone. The phone camera has reached a point where it’s close to replacing a professional DSLR Camera. The only challenge that remains is low-light photography. Light is the most important aspect of photography; the quality and clarity of an image depend on the availability of light in the environment and that makes capturing clear photos at night problematic. Even though the latest smartphones offer a low light photography feature, they often don’t produce the best result.

vivo, the leading global smartphone brand, has been studying consumer pain points closely and offers innovative and cutting-edge smartphones to enhance consumer lives. The premium V series of vivo smartphone portfolio sets new benchmarks each year, addressing the unique and evolving needs of the consumers, especially the new selfie-loving fashionable generation and aspiring photographers.

According to a recent leak, vivo is gearing to launch its V21 series, which is said to be equipped with the best-in-class night camera to take away the pain points of night photography. With much focus on the selfie front camera performance, vivo V21 series is expected to offer better night selfie effects. Adopting a consumer-centric approach in order to conceptualize, innovate, and design, the V21 series is expected to bring top-notch hardware to deliver bright, clear, and stable images even in low light environments.

The most important aspect of night photography is achieving the right balance of light and stabilization for rich details. vivo has reportedly mastered the balance of image stabilization and an appropriate amount of light intake to do away with night photography woes. The smartphones in this series will help enable the user to eliminate all challenges and capture the best photos even in low light. The V21 5G’s camera can significantly enhance the exposure in low light scenarios without any compromise in quality, making photos captured at night clearer and brighter. This revolutionary up-gradation will help solve the issues users have faced for so long. In the past, taking photos in the low light with a phone meant underexposed and blurred photos. However, that won’t be an issue anymore.

vivo has been observing the inevitable development of the Sri Lanka 5G market as well as the continual rise of consumers’ enthusiasm for 5G. Therefore, it is also rumoured that V21 is expected to arrive with 5G capabilities that come with a dual-mode 5G, supporting both SA and NSA. It also incorporates our proprietary 5G antenna technology to deliver a smoother, more efficient, and more powerful connection experience, designed for users that demand a future-proof smartphone.