Chathira Siriwardena, Business Development Manager – Audiology Division, Audiologist, and Speech-Language Pathologist of Vision Care Hearing Solutions.

01st July, 2024: Vision Care Hearing Solutions, a leading provider of hearing care solutions in Sri Lanka and a part of Vision Care, the largest vision and hearing care solutions provider in the country, recently introduced the Oticon ‘Intent’ hearing aid to the Sri Lankan market. As the sole agent for Oticon in Sri Lanka, Vision Care Hearing Solutions brought this groundbreaking technology to local users, marking a significant advancement in the hearing care industry.

Oticon Intent mimics the human nervous system through synaptic connections, enabled by its Deep Neural Network 2.0 and the advanced processing of MoreSound Intelligence 3.0. To create a more natural hearing experience, Oticon Intent incorporates natural human behaviors and movements in various listening situations. It uses built-in motion sensors to detect these behaviors and artificial intelligence to understand the user’s listening intentions. This advancement takes machine hearing to the next level, making it more similar to natural hearing.

The launch event held at the Marino Colombo attracted a dedicated audience of loyal, long-standing hearing aid wearers eager to experience the new technology. Maureen Doty Tomasula, a senior international trainer and Doctor of Audiology from Oticon headquarters, delivered a keynote address virtually, emphasizing the transformative potential of the sensor-driven brain hearing technology and its benefits for users.

Senior Audiologist Randimali Rupasinghe provided an in-depth discussion of the advanced features and benefits of the Oticon Intent. She highlighted that the Oticon Intent represents a major leap forward in hearing aid technology due to its unmatched ability to adapt to the user’s environment and intentions, offering a personalized hearing experience like never before.

The event also featured an interactive session, where clients actively participated in discussions, shared their thoughts, and provided feedback on their experiences with hearing aids. This engagement underscored the real-world benefits of the new technology and strengthened the sense of community among attendees.

Chathira Siriwardena, Business Development Manager – Audiology Division, Audiologist, and Speech-Language Pathologist of Vision Care Hearing Solutions, stated, “The introduction of the Oticon Intent in Sri Lanka is a proud moment for us at Vision Care Hearing Solutions. This advanced hearing aid brings unparalleled innovation to our market, and we are excited to offer our clients a solution that truly understands their needs and enhances their hearing experience and quality of life.”

Vision Care Hearing Solutions is renowned for offering world-class hearing aids from top brands such as Oticon. Customers can now visit the nearest branch to experience this groundbreaking Oticon ‘Intent’ hearing aid firsthand. The qualified and experienced team at Vision Care Hearing Solutions assists customers in selecting the most suitable hearing aids, leveraging advanced technology to enhance the lives of those with hearing impairments.

As the Sole Agent for Oticon in Sri Lanka, Vision Care Hearing Solutions provides complete hearing aid solutions, including after-sales services, hearing aid accessories, hearing tests, and home visits at their 32 branches across the island. These branches are equipped with the latest technology in hearing aids, ensuring that customers receive the highest quality devices at competitive prices, coupled with exceptional service.

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