Vision Care and Oticon launch Oticon Opn S™ and Opn Play at its jointly-held industry conference

Vision Care, the pioneering eye care and hearing care company in Sri Lanka, successfully concluded a 3-day conference at Hotel Shangri-La Colombo commencing 17th March 2019, in partnership with Oticon. Vision Care Hearing Solutions is the sole distributor of Oticon hearing aids in Sri Lanka. The conference coincided with the main launch of Oticon Opn S™ which took place on the opening day of the conference. The well-attended conference seminar also focused on paediatric hearing aid technologies in the industry and how it is redefined by the release of Opn Play, the latest paediatric product line by Oticon. The sessions at the conference were conducted by industry experts from Oticon, Denmark including Dr.Nishat Fathima and Carsten Ahlbom, Senior International Trainer.

Oticon is one of the most innovative hearing device manufacturers with more than 110 years of experience putting the needs of people with hearing loss first. Oticon has spearheaded a number of technological breakthroughs, which have made a significant difference for people with hearing loss. Ole Asboe Jørgensen, President, Oticon Brand, Global stated, “We are extremely pleased to announce that with Oticon Opn S™, for the first time, users with uncomplicated hearing loss can experience speech understanding in difficult soundscapes as well as people with normal hearing. We know this will make a huge difference to the lives of users, and without the risk of feedback, users can also feel confidently comfortable wearing their hearing aids.”

Commenting further, Harsha Maduranga, General Manager – Vision Care said, “As sole agents of Oticon hearing aids in Sri Lanka, we were pleased to partner with the pioneering company to organize this conference for stakeholders in the industry. We are confident that the insightful sessions at the conference added great value to those involved in finding solutions for the hearing impaired. Oticon’s newest hearing aid is an innovative device that employs an “open sound” approach designed to manage multiple speech and noise sources, even in complex listening situations, bringing new hope for the hearing impaired. It is the most evolutionary hearing device in the market to date. Vision Care is committed to bringing the best of the global hearing aid industry to Sri Lanka.”

Vision Care Hearing Solutions is fully owned by Vision Care, which is at the forefront of the technological revolution in eye care in Sri Lanka. Vision Care Hearing Solutions together with Oticon brings the best hearing aid technology that the world has to offer to Sri Lanka to enhance hearing for those with difficulties so that they can enjoy their life to the fullest.