Tsing Tao welcomes diners to embark on a delicious Chinese gastronomic journey and indulge in authentic dishes through which exquisite flavours and finesse shine through.  Housed in the Reid Avenue frontage of the Colombo Racecourse promenade, Tsing Tao sets the ambience for a sophisticated dining experience coupled with the most exotic tastes and flavours. From the celebrated lagoon mud crab to succulent cuttlefish, jumbo prawns and lobster, Tsing Tao specialises in offering a tongue-tingling array of Chinese seafood dishes. Also, Tsing Tao is a great place to share the joy of your special moments in life, like birthdays and anniversaries as the dedicated team at Tsing Tao is ready to cater to your individual needs, with care and professionalism. Operated by Excel Restaurants Ltd., together with Browns Hotels and Resorts, which is a part of the Browns Group­, Tsing Tao is your go-to place to enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine.