The Body Shop’s British Rose collection: Florals that last

Love is in the air! And so is the smell of fresh blooms. While a show-stopping bouquet of flowers is most certainly an endearing way of showing your affection, why not opt for a more lasting sweet-smelling solution?

The Body Shop’s British Rose collection of bath and body care products, serve up the perfect compromise. The entire range incorporates organically grown Community Trade English roses sustainably sourced from Blue Sky Botanic in Herefordshire, England; a fragrant variety of 100% traditional Old English Roses, which are handpicked in the summertime, dried, and then infused with Welsh mountain water, to extract its signature glow-enhancing essence.

To make things even more ideal, The Body Shop has artfully curated a selection of British Rose products in the form of tastefully packaged gift sets – and there’s one for every budget and fancy.

To start off small there’s the Petal-Soft British Rose Delights Bag. The fragrantly floral set is filled with body care surprises for keeping skin refreshed and moisturised. Lather up with the cleansing British Rose Shower Gel made from a non-drying, lather-rich formula that provides the skin with fresh moisture and a healthy glow, cleansing the body without drying out the skin. Next moisturise with light to the touch but rich on moisture British Rose Body Butter to indulge in dewy hydration with glow enhancing rose essence. Finally, for ‘handy’ hand care on the go, the hydrating British Rose Hand Cream – a convenient, lightweight moisturiser that is also-non-greasy and absorbs easily into skin. Zipped up inside a stylish, reusable beauty bag, this is the perfect body and bath gift set for any occasion.

Alternatively, bloom them away with The Body Shop’s fragrantly floral Petal-Soft British Rose Treats. Lather up with the cleansing and refreshing Shower Gel and then moisturise with The Body Shop’s richly textured, glow-enhancing Body Butter. This body care gift box is perfect for any occasion.

Take a walk in the English countryside with The Body Shop’s refreshingly floral and fragrant Petal-Soft British Rose Pick Me Up Kit. This too comes with the delightful Shower Gel-Body Butter combo, but also with an all-over fresh and floral British Rose Face Mist to last you the entire day. This super-cute gift set is perfect for treating someone from head-to-toe.

Now moving up in gift set size, say it with the refreshingly floral scent of English roses with The Body Shop’s Petal-Soft British Rose Pampering Essentials. Start off your routine with the cleansing Shower Gel or Soap bar and body buffing Bath Lily (made with recycled plastic), moisturise then with the fast-absorbing Body Yoghurt -a lightweight formula that absorbs into skin instantly and provides up to 48 hours of lock-in moisture- and finish up with our favourite light and non-greasy hydrating British Rose Hand Cream. This bow-wrapped gift box is perfect for any occasion.

Say hello to radiant skin with British Rose Festive Picks gift set. Fresh and captivating, nothing beats a good pampering with the heady fragrance of freshly cut blooms. This gift set of bath time favourites includes the beautiful gel-textured British Rose Body Scrub to comfortably scrub off those dead skin particles, the British Rose Body Butter and Soap bar, as well as the Bath Lily, all infused with the goodness of handpicked organically grown Community Trade British roses.

Take skin to the English countryside with the refreshingly floral surprises packed inside The Body Shop’s Petal-Soft British Rose Premium Collection. Gently exfoliate with the Body Scrub, and/or lather in the cleansing Shower Gel with the body buffing Bath Lily. Follow up with the richly textured, glow-enhancing Body Butter and hydrating Hand Cream. All in an extremely attractive and luxurious, bow-wrapped pack.

Pamper that loved one silly with the blooming refreshing surprises packed inside our Petal-Soft British Rose Ultimate Collection. The ultimate gift set includes the exfoliating British Rose Body Scrub, cleansing Shower Gel, fast-absorbing Body Yogurt, richly textured Body Butter, as well as the dewy British Rose Eau de Toilette for a burst of freshness with every spritz. Tied inside a stylish, reusable bag, it doesn’t get more luxurious than this perfect gift set for the one you love.

Discover The Body Shop’s entire British Rose bath and body care collection and more, from The Body Shop flagship store on Bagatale Road, Odel in Alexandra Place, Colombo City Centre, and Kandy City Centre.