Secure the future of children with SLIC Minimuthu Education Plans

Colombo 10th November 2021 : Educations plans are considered as one of the most important insurance solutions provided by insurers as the insurance comes with duel benefit of being an insurance as well as investment. Education plans are a long term investment option that helps parents to build a financially secured future for their children.

Sri Lanka has 15 state universities but only about 30,000 students are admitted annually out of the 350,000 who sit the university entrance (G.C.E.A/L ) examination every year due to the limited capacity of the country’s universities. Around 12,000 Sri Lankan students go abroad annually for higher education, with an estimated US$400 million for the foreign universities. (Source- World University News).

Considering the growing education cost and necessity of having funds for the education, the national insurer Sri Lanka Insurance provides reliable insurance solutions allowing parents to secure a bright future for their children.

Sri Lanka insurance Minimuthu Education plans have a range of education plans to choose to fit with parent’s requirement may it be protection, financial security or affordability.  Nurturing and upbringing children are the utmost priority for every parent and planning for child’s future from the beginning of their life is imperative to secure their future. The Minimuthu Education plans are the one- stop solution to secure the future of children through a disciplined saving habit.

The insurance plan provides peace of mind for parents as the insurance will provide financial support ensuring that children have the ability to continue their education in an event of unforeseen demise of the parents. Having their future financially secured with Minumuthu Education plans will allow them to have access to education and achieve their dreams and goals.

The Minumuthu Education plans offer a range of insurance solutions comprised with Minimuthu Dayada, Minimuthu Children’s Policy and Minumuthu Parithyaga.

Minimuthu Dayada insurance plan sets a strong foundation for the child’s future today with the insurance policy. Specially designed to ensure the child receives highly beneficial returns at an affordable premium, Minimuthu Dayada guarantees an attractive 125% sum assured on maturity, strategically spread over a payment period of 5 years from the date of maturity.

Minimuthu Children’s Policy offers a comprehensive, policy for the parents and child that covers an unexpected loss or event, fully assuring the child a guaranteed future of financial freedom and added benefits. Sri Lanka Insurance offer peace of mind by insuring the child and both parents with the Minimuthu Children’s Policy, where the child can continue to follow their ambitions as a young adult, even though the external circumstances are beyond their control.

Minumuthu Parithyaga Children’s Plan, supports the responsibility in securing total protection for the child with a low, highly affordable premium allowing parents to gift their child their dream for a brighter future.

Further to the insurance solutions that offered, Minimuthu Education platform extends many initiatives to help nurture and safeguard the future generation of Sri Lanka. The “Subapathum Scholarship Scheme “reward and recognize the children who excel at Grade 5 scholarship, G.C.E.O/L and G.C.E A/L examinations with financial scholarships.

The “Pasal Piriyatha Surakimu” outreach corporate social responsibility initiative extend assistance to develop infrastructure and refurbish schools, including painting their buildings, desks, chairs and providing any necessary assistance to rural and underprivileged schools. The annual initiative has served more than 3200 schools so far safeguarding and future of the children of the nation.