SLT together with SLT Customer Club Kandy successfully conduct another two remarkable CSR projects

SLT Customer Club – Kandy together with the staff of SLT Regional Office, Kandy recently conducted “Planting for Water” reforestation project, at Knuckles forest area recently. In order to carry out this reforestation project, half an acre of land was allocated in Knuckles high forest, and all the plants were provided by the SLT Customer Club – Kandy free of charge.

Lack of suitable drinking water has become a major challenge today. This water shortage has been directly linked to the deforestation in the country and in the world. Sri Lanka, too, will have to face challenges in the near future due to insufficient clean drinking water. However, in the recent past, the replanting of trees has focused in several areas of the country and it has the potential of spreading to all parts of the country in the future.

Furthermore, an environment cleaning programme was also conducted at Thelgamuwa Oya by the SLT Customer Club, Kandy and SLT staff the following day. Cleaning equipment was provided by Laggala Pradeshiya Sabhawa which included a tractor to remove the garbage that was collected in order to support this environment protection programme.

To raise awareness amongst the community, SLT took steps to display message boards on the importance of protecting the environment in surrounding areas.

Through these CSR programmes, SLT expects to develop the company’s vision on nature conservation and protection, and aligning to SLT’s broader initiative of ‘Preserving Heritage for Tomorrow’, which has been an ongoing project of the company for over a period of nearly two decades.