1. Restructure National Economic Policy to earn 6 billion US dollars per annum
  2. Accordingly create a National Physical plan to incorporate cities, zones, areas for economic activity
  3. Add new governance for investor friendly safe environment for administration, dispute resolution etc. based in international standards.
  4. CITY TYPE ONE - Agglomerations - Propose to create 3 billion US dollars within 5 years to attract Sri Lankans living abroad. Small scale town developments to be administered by locals.
  5. CITY TYPE TWO - INDUSTRIAL CITIES, Enclaves - FDI on new cities created for industrial development enclaves. Administration by international consultants with local collaboration.
  6. The densities of cites to be increased and encouraged rather than allowing for urban sprawl.
  7. SLIA to create vision and method statement for rapid industrialization and urbanization.
  8. SLIA to initiate a ‘International Idea Competition’ as soon as possible to be implemented by a multi-disciplinary consultancy service fostering both local and foreign collaboration based on a P.P.P model.
  9. As a short-term solution request / promote sub consultancy assignment to local companies via embassies to be explored.
  10. Consultancy EOI and Tenders should be the main procurement system to enhance transparency and accountability as Architects should lead the industry independently to ensure quality of the products beyond just profits and make all projects environment conducive to standard government audit practices .
  11. Projects of national significance should be carried out through SLIA design competitions where equal opportunities are provided to local professionals. SLIA and Government to collaborate in a quick manner while facilitating the fair distribution of consultancy assignments to professional practices.
  12. Encouraging BPO type of business/ employment structures in a nationwide network to increase the dollar inflow into Sri Lanka, first in the IT sector and also in other professional fields. SLIA will formulate a corresponding spatial structure for this.
  13. As a solution to the impending food shortage, the SLIA can formulate a structure of urban settlements that can reduce the footprint of habitats and increase the area of agricultural lands.
  14. Policy level approach to think local and build locally by exploring and promoting the use of local material and local construction techniques. Provide concessions for local producers of construction related material and products. Taxation of similar competitive products being imported.
  15. As a means to counter such aspects as monopolies and mafias being formed, the Government to formulate an independent authority which takes on a multidisciplinary approach and focuses solely on Government administration.
  16. There must be a minimum fee for competitive bidding for Government projects by the private sector consultancy companies. (5.5% to be established via treasury circular and equal opportunities similar to those exclusively extended to Uni-Consultancy to be made available to all)
  17. Contractors are entitled to variations and extra work. Similarly, consultants’ agreements too should be made to address and provide for the above. (Percentage fees are safer than lump sum fees and are proportional to the work done).
  18. The Design & Build format has not shown expected results in Sri Lanka since none of the projects have been successful completed. Many delays, cost overruns have taken place and come under the review of COPE. The role of consultants in providing transparency and accountability in projects to be recognised and made use of.
  19. The existence of the highly irregular professional service providing entity Uni Consultants is questionable in terms of its legality and has created many issues in the construction sector. The nature of the projects awarded to this organization are such that they should have ideally been awarded through means of competitions. Awarding through competition is a process adopted throughout the world, a process which SLIA is geared to provide to the government.
  20. Government must allocate jobs and carder positions for Architects.

Archt. Russell Dandeniya FIA( SL)
President | SLIA