Infuses its star item, ULTIMUNE, with its world’s leading power of science: The Lifeblood™.

ULTIMUNE goes beyond strengthening inner skin defense. New ULTIMUNE leaps forward to a new level of skincare with the power of this breakthrough science—

constantly promoting skin’s beauty circulation, to bring out Healthy Vibrant Skin.

With the vision of bringing out Healthy Vibrant Skin for all people, all over the world, Shiseido Co. LTD (“Shiseido”) introduces a new kind of beauty serum, SHISEIDO ULTIMUNE Power Infusing Concentrate III. Resulting from Shiseido’s long, dedicated study of the interaction of blood circulation and beauty, we concluded that beauty is like a continuous flow of blood. ULTIMUNE with The LifebloodTM, represents a scientific breakthrough that revolutionizes the way skincare functions.

  • The LifebloodTM, Power of Science, brings Healthy Vibrant Skin to everyone

New SHISEIDO ULTIMUNE Power Infusing Concentrate III activates inner defensive power through The Lifeblood™, Power of Science. This enhancing beauty circulation, which is inherent in all skin, on all people. It equips skin with Double Defenses1 to improve hydration and smoothness, recharging the skin’s radiance. This scientific breakthrough brings the benefits of Healthy Vibrant Skin to every human being, of any gender, no matter what type of skin they have.

  • ULTIMUNE, SHISEIDO’s iconic award-winning beauty serum

SHISEIDO ULTIMUNE’s success story first began in 2014. After its renewal in 2018, the product became an even bigger headliner for the brand, and its popularity continues to grow, with another consumer choosing ULTIMUNE every 6.8 seconds2. It has also been honored with 200 awards3 globally.

SHISEIDO believes that beautiful skin is Healthy Vibrant Skin—skin that appears radiant and resilient, and has a fine, smooth texture. Based on Shiseido’s enduring commitment to dermatological research, SHISEIDO ULTIMUNE Power Infusing Concentrate III with The Lifeblood™ represents a new approach that keeps the skin looking endlessly smooth, radiant, and resilient, by focusing on inner beauty circulation. New ULTIMUNE with ImuGenerationRED Technology™ also boosts skin’s Double Defenses, to recharge radiance with the combined botanical power of Heart Leaf Extract and Fermented Roselle Extract. This new ULTIMUNE retains its original, highly popular green floral fragrance, and penetrates quickly into the skin.


As it promotes healthy vibrant skin from within, new ULTIMUNE provides three specific benefits.

  1. In just 3 days, skin becomes radiant.*1
  2. After 4 weeks, skin feels firm and resilient.*2
  3. After 1 bottle*3, wrinkles are visibly reduced.*2

Every purchase of Shiseido Ultimune power infusing concentrate 3.0 75ML will be getting a free launch pack while stocks last.

Available now at One Galle Face Mall Odel level 1