Sarvodaya Development Finance Adds New Locations to ATM Network to Empower Rural Communities

Sarvodaya Development Finance (SDF) recently announced the addition of 10 new ATM locations across its islandwide network to empower rural communities. The new, state-of-the-art ATMs are set to boost the financial infrastructure of rural villages, providing local communities with efficient and convenient access to financial services. Most recently, SDF unveiled an ATM in Kethsirigama, a village 22km away from Ampara, adding another convenient access point to its planned network of ATMs.

The 10 new ATMs, jointly powered by LankaPay, Sarvodaya Development Finance and NDB Bank, will be installed at village economic centres and accept both local and international cards. The ATM network expansion project was carried out in line with SDF’s core mission of empowering rural communities and equipping them with the required digital financial infrastructure, helping people to save time and readily access their finances and financial services without mediators, thus helping accelerate development, and ensure the equitable upliftment of people across Sri Lanka.

Commenting on the ATM network expansion, Mr. Nilantha Jayanetti, CEO of Sarvodaya Development Finance stated, “Although Sri Lanka’s urban areas are fully equipped with the resources to function as a developed economy, many of our rural villages are deprived of these resources, restricting them from reaching their full potential. With the launch of these additional 10 ATM machines in various parts of the island, SDF hopes to further empower our rural communities and equip them with the means to grow, self-sustain, and prosper. These ATM machines are set to offer timely, convenient, and easy access to financial services, aiding communities on their journeys towards development.”