S-lon facilitates Nation-Wide Tree Planting Initiative

Sri Lanka’s foremost manufacturer and distributor of water management solutions S-Lon Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, in partnership with its sister-company News 1st and Sri Lanka Scouts’ Association recently launched a community service initiative Thuru Kepakaru to plant 25,000 trees across 25 districts. The project is set to be carried out over 16 days from March 26th to April 10th.

Each plant will have a designated scout as the ‘owner’. He or she will be responsible for monitoring and recording growth and wellbeing of the plant. Each plant has a unique QR code which connects to the Thuru Kepakaru app streamlining the monitoring process. The inauguration was held on March 26th, from 8.00am onwards, at the Agramathya Vidyalaya in Pannipitiya.

Thuru Kepakaru is the brainchild of Group Director of S-Lon Lanka (Pvt) Ltd Mr. S.C Weerasekara. Speaking at the inauguration, Mr. Weerasekara noted: “What makes ThuruKapakaru unique is its focus on sustenance. The design of the project ensures every plant is cared for in the long term. This guarantees that all 25,000 saplings planted today will grow up, overtime, alongside their respective owners. This exercise also trains children to be accountable, responsible & passionate for preserving nature.”

Furthermore, he emphasized on the importance of reintegrating students with nature and commended the Scouts’ Association for taking initiative in that regard: “Not just children, adults too should wake up to the reality that destroying nature equals self-destruction because we are part of nature. It is nature that sustains us. If we don’t internalize message sooner, and act accordingly, we might have to face dire consequences in years to come.”

The event was graced by many distinguished dignitaries including Group Director, Capital Maharaja Group, Mr. Chevaan Daniel