Radika Obeyesekere

In conversation with Ruwandi Perera

Wanted to be
A career diplomat

Alma mater
Ladies’ College

Husband Rajeev and son Rahul

Favourite day of the week
Wednesday – it’s when half the hard work is done and the weekend is in sight

Worst day of the week
Monday – because I always end up feeling like I haven’t rested enough

Three must-haves
Coffee, my shades and mascara

Three ‘would like to haves’
I’m rarely in want or need of anything

Mantra to unwind
Make changes where you can but accept things you have no control over

Favourite colour
Turquoise – it always picks me up

A Kia Sorento

Would like to drive
A Range Rover Sport

Happy place
My side of the bed at home

Favourite chill out
Spa Ceylon

Cook or foodie

Favourite food
Good old string hoppers, chicken curry and pol sambol

Favourite drink

Three hobbies
Working out, shopping and napping

Pet peeves
Lack of common sense, small talk and a messy house

Likes doing
Running, playing badminton and swimming

Likes to watch
Rugby, athletics and swimming

The glass is half full or empty
Half empty – it always pulls me out of my comfort zone to find ways to fill it up

Most unforgettable event
The arrival of my son Rahul

Most forgettable event
The day my mum and I entered a singing competition, got up on stage, broke into a fit of laughter and walked out through the backdoor

Favourite local destination

Favourite overseas destination

Ideal romantic date or outing
Wining, dining and a lengthy chat

Three items on the bucket list for the next six months
Watching Celine Dion in Las Vegas, the tigers at Ranthambore National Park and spending more time with my family

Three items on the bucket list following retirement
Owning a holiday home outside Colombo, travelling with my husband and perhaps being a fun grandma!

Quality or quantity
Definitely quality

Work or play after retirement
Ideally a bit of both but since I have to choose, I’ll pick play!

Likely retirement destination
Kandy – it’s sufficiently urbanised and equally laid-back

Obsessed with
The need to achieve

Purpose in life
To be the best mum to Rahul

Happiness in a few words
Watching my son grow day by day

Favourite song
Immortality by Celine Dion – she partnered with the legendary Bee Gees on this duet and it was probably one of the best songs ever written

Favourite movie
Notting Hill – nothing beats British humour

Best actor
Gerard Butler

Best singer
Celine Dion

Favourite author
Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery – my childhood was inspired by her novels

Favourite local sportsperson
Damayanthi Dharsha – I had the privilege of watching her as a schoolgirl and she went on to become one of Sri Lanka’s finest athletes

Favourite international sportsperson
Richie McCaw – he is an absolute treat to watch on the rugby field

Colombo in a few words
Too many people minding each other’s business

Sri Lanka in a few words
The most unique and diverse little island nation

The world in a few words
A dangerous place to live in

Role model
Indra Nooyi – the Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer of PepsiCo

Most used word or phrase
“Bloody hell!”

Yourself in one or two words
Strong-willed and passionate

Motto in life
Be good to yourself and the best version of you will manifest as a result

Radika is the Director – Marketing of Dipped Products