Q&E and LSEG Sri Lanka Wins at the Global Marketing Awards 2021

Q&E Advertising (Pvt) Ltd. (Q&E) and LSEG Sri Lanka were together named the winner for their #StayHomeStaySafe campaign in the Global Crisis Management Campaign category at the recently concluded Global Marketing Awards. The campaign was conceptualised and executed by Q&E during the initial island-wide lockdown in 2020 in order to support the continued growth of LSEG Sri Lanka in the industry and promote that they firm remained unshaken as a result of the pandemic.

Nishan de Silva Wijeyeratne, Director — Brand Management at Q&E Sri Lanka said “considering this was at the start of the global lockdown, and we were going through unprecedented changes to our daily routines, we were limited in terms of what we could do. But we ensured that it would not become a barrier for us in our communications”. He further went on to state,” a key objective of this campaign was to convey a feeling of hope – hope for normalcy (whatever the new normal would bring) and hope for a stable future. Our process is built on wholly understanding who our clients are, what they want, and delivering what they need based on that understanding. It’s not just about the end goal. It’s about communicating the value our client brings to the world.”

The rollout of the campaign consisted of two phases, a recruitment drive of LSEG Sri Lanka and the promoting of Work-From-Home, together with the safety measures against COVID-19. A key component of the rollout was the development of a video that used current events for positive change and reassurance in contrast to the fear and caution prevalent in that time. Sherangi J. Seneviratne, Chief Executive Officer of Q&E Sri Lanka, said “In today’s zeitgeist, people want complete authenticity from their brands. Brands need to gain public confidence from the ground up. Q&E has seen first-hand how LSEG Sri Lanka respects and supports its stakeholders. This campaign demonstrated that sincerity. This award demonstrates the efficacy of Q&E’s strategy of deeply understanding our clients and effectively expressing their value through customised communication strategies.”

Shanaka Abeywickrama, Head of Internal and Site Communications – APAC, LSEG said “We recognised the challenges our audiences and stakeholders were going through, and we wanted to reassure our audiences that our growth continued apace and that we should all rally together as one community. We also recognised the need to share important safety related information. I was extremely hearted by the execution and performance of this campaign, and the collaborative nature in which we were able to work with Q&E during this challenging time to produce world-class content.”

Q&E is an all-inclusive, independent, holistic communications consultant. Working as Knowledge Marketers, their strategic campaigns have brought positive outcomes to Sri Lanka’s biggest brands for close to three decades. Q&E’s communication solutions encompass all areas of communication and reflect brand values while educating people and enriching Sri Lankan culture. Q&E has extensive experience in working with clients on the ground level of Sri Lankan society and have partnered with some of the country’s most influential organisations.