People’s Insurance PLC pledges to be the most professional and most virtuous insurance provider in Sri Lanka

People’s Insurance PLC, a fully-fledged leading insurance provider in the country launched an island-wide initiative where the staff pledged to continue to be the most professional and virtuous insurance provider in the country. Led by its vibrant Chief Executive Officer at the helm, Ms. Jeevani Kariyawasam, took the lead in taking the pledge at the main event held in Colombo while the same pledge was taken by all branch managers and staff around the nation simultaneously.

Whilst the insurance industry of the country has experienced multiple different initiatives and fronts, identifying the much-desired need for a professional team driven by virtues, People’s Insurance PLC launched a timely initiative with the theme of “Diriya Dayata Viriya Wannata” – (Empowering a Resilient Nation) in accordance with the 75th Independence Day celebrations of Sri Lanka.

People’s Insurance PLC took on a footing to ensure that they will support the resilient Sri Lankans as they strive towards the journey of rebuilding the Sri Lankan economy through the challenging times that are currently present. The Chairman of People’s Insurance PLC, Mr. Isuru Balapatabendi emphasized the importance of supporting the community and empowering them while the Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Jeevani Kariyawasam reiterated the importance of maintaining due professionalism and virtues in serving the clientele.