The island’s pop / music culture has been evolving and every month gives us more reason to keep adding to the history we’re collectively building.

‘Pem Kekula’ : The Single
Sri Lanka’s biggest throwback 2020-fied is here, and it’s the all new collaboration between DJ Mass, Apzi & Romaine Willis. The single packs in a killer rap by female powerhouse Apzi, with Romaine Willis re-creating those nostalgic lines from the iconic movie song ‘Pem Kekula Pipi’ (by the late Mr. Ananda Samarakoon), and Dj Mass bringing in the heat with an epic production that is unique to him.

It’s bi lingual, Sinhala pop and dance elements amalgamated into one fine piece of work that represents the sound of modern Sri Lanka! ‘Pem Kekula’ is currently up for pre-save on Spotify.

The official music video will be released on the 5th of November and features energy packed moments and killer choreography by Sandarangi Perera and her crew. Production is by Wazie Neaz (W Productions) & Ishan Mutaliph. The video is directed by Subandrio Sinhawansa & Sandeep Amila.
It took an entire village amount of people to put this one music video together
#PemKekula : 5th November thru Senter Records