OREL launches exciting new state-of-the-art luxury kitchen brand for crafting culinary delights

Orel Corporation’s latest showroom OREL Lifestyle Centre, marking the brand’s foray into the luxury kitchen segment was declared open on the 8th November.

This store is the first in a new line of premium stores aimed at catering to the discerning consumers as well as commercial users who seeks state-of-the-art kitchens that can deliver the ultimate precision cooking experience.

Exuding elegance and class and immersed with up-to-date technology these  avant-garde range of stainless steel kitchens with premium materials and features, is backed by proven durability and a high level of practicality and reliability that incorporate purposeful design and professional-grade features to help elevate the functionality of today’s home and commercial kitchens. Delivering innovation in the luxury built-in stainless steel kitchen market with leading-edge technology that provides more flexibility to prepare food in the best possible way and demonstrating respect for the food at every level, this luxury brand embraces the new generation of forward-thinking cooks, who combine their passion for food with their appreciation for innovation, where customers will find the perfect blend, precision and purposeful design for every kitchen and every appetite.

The OREL Lifestyle Centre under the purview of Mr. Chamal Ahangama, Category Head – Lighting was designed by Ms. Kumudu Somachandra, Head of Design and Production.

Commenting on the launch of Orel Kitchen and the Orel Lifestyle Centre, Mr. Ahangamana said: “Orel Corporation is one of the most trusted electrical brands in Sri Lanka, where we bring forward new innovative products as per our vision of connecting people, products, and technologies to empower humanity and to make our world a better place. Exemplifying that approach, we have introduced Orel Kitchen, using stainless steel which is a highly resilient and ecofriendly material with the aim of offering the consumer a reliable product while saving trees. With our manufacturing capabilities with steel perfected over 30 years, Orel Kitchen is an extension for our production team. Orel Kitchen will benefit the consumer through various aspects such as reliability, resistance to extreme climate conditions, and impressive build-quality coupled with high-end accessories. With the elegant design and color options, Orel Kitchen stands as a luxury product for those are seeking a high-end kitchen solution, that is customized to suit specific requirements of our customers.”

Ms. Kumudu Somachandra sharing her thoughts on the innovative design of the brand  commented “Stainless steel is an ecofriendly and sustainable material and lasts longer compared to conventional alternatives especially in tropical climates. Although these kitchens are made of stainless steel, using our design and production expertise, we have made them to resemble conventional engineering materials while using high-end accessories and modern and trendy designs. The Orel Lifestyle Centre serves as a showroom and a design studio where customers can experience our products and customize the designs with our designing team here at the Centre.

She further added “although the name “Orel” is associated with products with an industrial motif, we came up with the lifestyle concept to diversify and offer a more versatile product range for our customers. The lifestyle concept is a combination of architectural lighting systems, kitchen solutions, and Qbus smart system. Through the connectivity of the kitchen and other aspects of a home, such as lighting, using the Qbus smart system—which can also be connected with systems such as Alexa—our customers can enjoy smart homes.”

OREL , with their success stemming from their never-ending strive for excellence through beauty and quality craftsmanship, this new brand of stainless steel kitchens not only esthetically bring that overall look a consumer wants to have in their home and commercial kitchens, but have honed the craft of building desirable luxury kitchens with the highest standards in quality, functionality and design, thereby bringing to the Sri Lankan consumers a whole different perspective of luxury kitchens