ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! When the brave people of Sri Lanka took to the streets in peaceful protests in and around the commercial capital, despite the imposition of a curfew in the first weekend of April, Team LMD decided that enough is enough too. So we joined the bandwagon on 4 April – when the first of what was to be a unique movement of people power took root at Independence Square – in a show of solidarity with what was to become an islandwide demonstration not only against the ruling regime and our parliamentarians in general but also an unprecedented call for an end to what’s led to the downfall of a blessed island nation over the decades – corruption. We were not to know at the time that the epicentre of the protests would shift to Galle Face Green where right thinking people of the nation (and indeed, the world beyond its shores) were to witness a spectacle not seen anywhere before. May people power win over a rotten state because enough is enough!