NDB Home Loan Approval in Just Three Days

Building, renovating or buying your dream home or land is overwhelming especially when it comes to the current market rate. Many individuals opt for a home loan even though it is generally perceived as a tedious and time consuming process. NDB understand this and is ready to give its customers the support they need regardless of the status of their employment to purchase their dream home or apartment.

With NDB, a home loan approval can be received within just three days and can be obtained at a competitive interest rate, whether you are a job holder, entrepreneur or a Sri Lankan employed abroad.

Home Loans are usually granted on the approval based on legal aspects as well as the re-paying capacity which would depend on an individual’s salary. With NDB’s 3 day loan approval mechanism customers will know if the loan amount applied would be viable or not, saving the customer’s time and money.

Apart from the convenience offered, NDB Home Loans has a host of added benefits. Along with the island wide accessibility for NDB branches, NDB is the only Bank that has a dedicated Sales Team who will offer personalized service at your doorstep. The designated sales team member will attend to your home loan request and will guide you throughout your loan process until the end. NDB will provide legal aid and technical support in accordance with the customer’s requirements

These facilities come to the customer without any additional fee.

Moreover NDB Home Loans has a special loan facility “Viyana” exclusively developed for job holders having the ETF (Employee Trust Fund) benefit for a continuous period of 5 years.   With this special understanding with the Employee Trust Fund Board NDB developed this loan scheme with the intention of allowing customers enjoy low interest rates on their home loan.  “Viyana” allows a maximum loan amount upto 2.5 Mn at an unbeatable interest rate of just 12% p.a.

NDB remains dedicated to bringing its customers one step closer to accomplishing their life long ambitions through the range of services that are accessible through its growing branch network. Further details on NDB’s many products and services can be obtained from its 24 hour Call Centre, by dialing 011 2448 888 or by visiting NDB’s website on www.ndbbank.com