Compiled by Fazmina Imamudeen

On 1 March 2022, the highly regarded  private healthcare provider in Sri Lanka, Nawa­loka Care, opened a premium health and wellness facility that’s equipped with cutting-edge medical tech­nology.

At Premier Centre, we consider “true wealth is health” to be our guiding principle and our work is focussed on developing the most efficient solutions to issues that arise in the healthcare sector. For Nawaloka Premier Centre to accomplish this objective, we have promised to deliver an extraordinary and superior degree of medical treatment to any patients who come knocking on our doors.

Premier Centre provides an outstanding level of service to its deserving clientele by delivering
the pinnacle of luxury and individualised medical care, as well as almost no waiting time for clinical con­sultations and appoint­ments. All of this takes place within the seclusion and opulence of an upscale setting in the heart of Cinnamon Gardens in Colombo.

The healthcare offered at the centre is customised and efficient so that it is nothing less than exceptional for our clients who have placed their confidence in the company. A day at the centre will allow clients to obtain the finest quality treatment for their money’s worth.

Nawaloka Premier Centre offers all the services that a patient would require under one roof: it has clinics that specialise in cardiac care, liver care, dental care, dia­betes management, rheu­matology and mother and baby care, as well as a fully operational laboratory and facilities for electrocardio­grams, X-ray and ultrasound scans. OPD consultations operate from 7 a.m. to 7
p.m. and channelling services promise convenience and privacy.

Patients can obtain services in the departments of paediatrics, gynaecology and orthopaedics,
in addition to care for diabetes and other medical conditions. Endocrinologists and nutritionists are the me­dical professionals who are responsible for providing diabetic patients with foot care and dietary counselling.

Customers who visit the sophisticated dermatological and skincare centre get access to cutting-edge skin therapies and treatments. Many dif­ferent skin rejuvenation pro­cedures are carried out in the cosmetic unit, which is staffed by certified and experienced personnel.

The fitness centre features individualised classes for yoga, Zumba and physio­therapy, and is on a par with the best in the world.

In addition to its many other essential medical services, the primary labo­ratory of the centre features a drive-through area where patients can get PCR and antigen tests done. While the customer is still in the vehicle, samples for testing will be collected from him or her to make the process more comfortable.

The laboratory is fitted with all the machinery that’s required to guarantee that every transaction is carried out in a secure, accurate and convenient manner. It is entirely stocked with resources that are necessary to ensure that one’s time spent receiving a service
will be worthwhile. More­over, this service is available throughout the island since the Nawaloka Care laboratory network covers all major cities.

Express Lab is a mobile laboratory and Medi Express is a mobile pharmacy and the services of both are offered to clients of Nawaloka Care as a value-added facility.

Nawaloka Care also assists its patients by having their prescriptions delivered direc­tly to their homes through its affiliated phar­macies. Customers only need to send their prescriptions to
the pharmacists on WhatsApp and their medication will be promptly delivered to them.

One of the services that Nawaloka Care offers to make things more convenient for their clients is to send lab professionals to the homes of patients to perform home testing. After the sample is collected, it is transported straightaway to the laboratory according to established sa­fe­ty guidelines for testing and the results are com­municated within a few hours.

Nawaloka Care has accom­plished a number of signi­ficant goals on the way to increasing the scope of its humanitarian work. Because of its expansion across the country, it can now provide a wider range of services to the general public. Its present network comprises
30 Nawa­loka Care phar­ma­cies, 10 Nawaloka Care laboratories and over 200 sample collecting centres that are located around the country.

The long-term goal of Nawaloka Care is to be nationally recognised as the provider of healthcare services, which are superior in quality and efficiency, across the nation.

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