Singer Sri Lanka Crowned Most Valuable Consumer Brand – Retail 2023

Recognized among Top 10 Strongest Brands

Singer Sri Lanka the leading consumer durable retailer, has achieved a remarkable feat by being named the Most Valuable Consumer Brand-Retail by Brand Finance 2023. This recognition highlights the company’s unwavering commitment to maintaining brand strength and underscores the pivotal role of the brand in the success of any business. With an unwavering dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction, Singer Sri Lanka PLC continues to set new standards in the retail sector, driving innovation and serving as a pioneer in the consumer durable industry.

In the face of adversity, Singer Sri Lanka focused on staying connected with its customers through various platforms, ensuring that the brand held a steadfast presence in their lives. Leveraging the power of technology and digital marketing, the company maintained an effective line of communication, enabling customers to stay informed and engaged with the latest product offerings and promotions.

One of the key initiatives that set Singer Sri Lanka PLC apart was the launch of their new “RED Loyalty Point Program.” The program was designed to emphasize the lifetime value of customers and strengthen the bond between the brand and its consumers. By rewarding loyalty and prioritizing the customer relationship, the program helped foster a sense of belonging and appreciation among the customer base.

The year 2022 posed considerable challenges for Sri Lanka, with import restrictions and a sharp devaluation of the rupee casting a shadow over various sectors, particularly the consumer durable industry. Despite the hurdles, Singer Sri Lanka PLC remained steadfast in its dedication to brand and consumer engagement.

Mr. Mahesh Wijewardene, CEO – Singer Group of Companies commented on the achievement, saying, “We are extremely proud to be named the Most Valuable Consumer Brand – Retail by Brand Finance 2023 and to be recognized as one of the top 10 strongest brands in the country. This recognition reaffirms our brand’s strength and the bond we share with our customers.

Mr. Shanil Perera, Director – Marketing, Singer Sri Lanka PLC, added:
We managed to sustain brand visibility and consumer engagement through many strategic marketing initiatives, mainly digital. This continuous connection with their consumers proved to be a differentiator in a volatile market. Launching the RED loyalty point program was a natural step for us. It reflects our dedication to prioritizing the lifetime value of our consumers and emphasizes the significance of building strong, long-lasting relationships with them.”

Singer Sri Lanka PLC is the winner of the People’s Brand of the Year award and the the People’s Durable Brand of the Year award for the 17th consecutive year.