Maliban Gold Marie advances the ‘Nidahase Ran Daruwo’ programme renewing its commitment to foster happiness and freedom of children

Colombo – 06th October 2022: In line with World Children’s Day 2021, the ‘Nidahase Ran Daruwo’ fund programme was launched under the Maliban Gold Marie brand, with the aim of minimising the number of children who were compelled to leave school prematurely and seek employment to supplement the income of their families. The purpose of the fund is to provide support and improve livelihoods of children, enabling them to resume their schooling and benefit from the free education available to them. Additionally, the Maliban Gold Marie Freedom Children’s Fund, progressed into becoming a foundation for the education of the children by opening the paths of economic development to the families of the Southern and the North Central Province.

Renewing their commitment this year, Maliban Biscuits in collaboration with the Department of Labour and MullenLowe Group Sri Lanka, have recently signed a new agreement extending their Tripartite Memorandum of Understanding. Crediting 50 cents from every 80-gram packet of Maliban Gold Marie sold the tripartite agreement was generated to further advance the strengthening of the Maliban Gold Marie ‘Nidahase Ran Daruwo’ fund.

The agreement was signed by B. K. Prabhath Chandrakeerthi – Commissioner General of Labour, Kumudika Hemanthi Fernando – Managing Director, Maliban Biscuits Limited, Thayalan Bartlett – Chief Executive Officer, MullenLowe Group Sri Lanka. Furthermore, in addition to signing this memorandum of understanding, a donation of school equipment was distributed to 100 children during the ceremony.

Over the past year the Maliban Gold Marie ‘Nidahase Ran Daruwo’ programme has identified and provided aid to the disadvantaged families and children who are deprived from basic necessities. The success of the project can be evaluated by the fact that most of the families who have received assistance have achieved a significant improvement in their economic status today.

Speaking on the occasion B. K. Prabath Chandrakeerthi – Commissioner General of Labour said, “The existing global health and economic crisis has deprived many children from education, freedom, and happiness. Considering this, the Maliban Gold Marie ‘Nidahase Ran Daruwo’ Fund is dedicated towards ensuring that these children acquire financial and economic resources for their futures. I would like to extend my appreciation to Maliban Biscuits, and the ‘Nidahase Ran Daruwo’ programme for their contribution. With this agreement, I believe that we will be able to forge a brighter future for an even larger number of people to continue this programme further.”

Kushani Peeris, Senior Marketing Manager of Maliban Biscuit Pvt. Ltd., stated, “The ‘Nidahase Ran Daruwo’ fund initiated for World Children’s Day 2021, allowed us to brighten the lives of families facing economic difficulties. Progressing forward, Maliban Gold Marie will dedicate itself towards providing opportunities for children and their families in other provinces of Sri Lanka. We would also like to express our gratitude at this time to the Department of Labour, as well as to MullenLowe Group Sri Lanka who have joined hands with us in this project with the sole ambition of continuing to support more families and children in the future.”

Under this scheme, the Department of Labour will track the children engaged in domestic service and other forms of child labour, and based on this information, provide necessary facilities to encourage their families to achieve economic stability through the Maliban Gold Marie ‘Nidahase Ran Daruwo’ Fund.