Shiseido’s exclusive beauty workshop series imparts skincare secrets and glamorous looks

Colombo, Sri Lanka, 6 April 2021: Shiseido, through its partnership with LUXASIA, continues to bring delight to Sri Lankan beauty-lovers with fresh retail innovations, workshops, and seasonal offerings.

On Tuesday, 6 April 2021, the brand delivered a series of successful workshops showcasing Shiseido’s skincare and makeup collections through skilful demonstrations by some of the island’s top makeup and skincare experts. It was an exciting and fun-filled evening for all LUXASIA consumer, who had the opportunity to network and spend time with one another at this one-of-a-kind workshop. “It was a unique event and I had so much fun watching Nisha, Leena, and Nethmi learning how to create glamorous everyday looks for different effects and to suit different skin types. Special thanks to all at LUXASIA for organising this evening!” said a thrilled workshop attendee, while another stated that “Dr Shanika is amazing. It’s fascinating to learn about the effectiveness of Shiseido’s skincare products on various skin types through an expert.”

This series of workshops commenced with Dr. Shanika Arseculartne highlighting a proper skincare regime followed by makeup sessions with three professional makeup artists demonstrating three variations of stunning looks, made possible by Shiseido’s cosmetics. Each session was tailored for consumer education and practical replication, featuring the finesse underlying Shiseido’s beauty methodology. It was an engaging and exclusive VIP-day, where the genuine and contagious enthusiasm of the presenters lifted spirits all-round.

As part of LUXASIA’s roadmap to enhance brand awareness and in-market reception of the luxurious Japanese beauty brand, this series of workshops is the first of many to come. Shiseido is renowned for infusing both quality and efficacy into their products, backed by rigorous scientific research. All these are imbued into the workshop sessions to engender a robust appreciation for the brand.

LUXASIA first unveiled its stunning and chic beauty counters in Sri Lanka at ODEL, One Galle Face, in November 2019. Since then, it has continued to bring and establish some of the most popular luxury beauty brands from all over the world to this island state; these include Burberry, Calvin Klein, Gucci, KORA Organics, Marc Jacobs, and of course, Shiseido. Looking ahead, Sri Lankan beauty-lovers can continue to expect even more such brands and accompanying collaborations coming through LUXASIA, the leading beauty omni-distribution platform in Asia Pacific.