Sheron Jayasundara

In conversation with Ruwandi Perera

Wanted to be
A teacher

The COO of Bates Strategic Alliance – although I feel like a teacher sometimes!

Attorney-at-law husband Sudath and daughter Svaraa (12) – a student of Ladies’ College, pianist and diehard
fan of Ariana Grande

Alma mater
Good Shepherd Convent (Kotahena)

Favourite day of the week
Every day is an opportunity to love, bond, care, share and build memories that last a lifetime

Worst day of the week
Any day that I’m sick

Three must-haves
Happiness, peace of mind and love

Three ‘would like to haves’
More kids, time and exercise

Mantra to unwind
Family time in shorts and Bata slippers

Favourite colour
Blue (by default) – maybe because I like the ocean and blue skies as they’re relaxing

Happy place

Favourite chill out
The beach

Cook or foodie

Favourite food
Sri Lankan, Thai and hot buttered croissants

Favourite drink(s)
Tea and margaritas

Three hobbies
Travelling, singing (though it’s not welcomed by people around me) and dancing

Three pet peeves
Insincerity, hypocrisy and excuses

Likes to play
Basketball, badminton and blind man’s buff

Likes to watch
Cricket, basketball and tennis

The glass is half full or empty

Most unforgettable event
When my daughter was born

Most forgettable event
Already forgotten!

Favourite local destination
Horton Plains National Park

Favourite overseas destinations
The UK, Paris and Australia

Ideal romantic date or outing
Watching the sunset and waiting for the stars to come out on the beach

Three items on the bucket list for the next six months
Lose weight, visit Horton Plains and plan our annual family trip overseas

Three items on the bucket list following retirement
A ski trip to the Alps, an Atlantic cruise and time in a meditation retreat in the Himalayas

Quality or quantity

Work or play after retirement

Likely retirement destination
Sri Lanka (by the sea) – even if I have to live abroad temporarily, I’ll still want to come back home to retire as everything I like is here

Obsessed with

Purpose of life
To give

Happiness in a few words
Being with family and seeing happiness in their eyes – bedtime is the best when the three of us huddle up together and say ‘Namo Buddhaya’ to each other

Colombo in a few words
A city of trees and boulevards

Sri Lanka in a few words
The most beautiful place on Earth

The world in a few words
Good people make it a better place

Favourite song
Shape of You (by Ed Sheeran) – I love country music and the box guitar, as well as music from the ’70s to the ’90s

Favourite movie
The timeless entertainment of The Sound of Music – I grew up with it and still enjoy it

Best actor
Nicolas Cage

Best singers
Olivia Newton-John, Whitney Houston and Shania Twain

Favourite author
Jeffrey Archer

Favourite local sportsperson
Arjuna Ranatunga – for his leadership in winning the 1996 Cricket World Cup

Favourite international sportsperson
Serena Williams – for her consistency and winning attitude

Favourite local civil servant
The late Sam Wijesinghe – for his honesty and integrity; his attitude to help people was amazing

Favourite international civil servant
Dr. Henry Kissinger – for his efforts in peace and reconciliation for world détente

Role model
Mother Teresa

Most used word or phrase
‘Be good’

Yourself in one word

Motto in life
Always give and expect nothing