Lanka Property Show 2019 to provide complete property solutions under one roof

Sri Lanka’s flagship real estate event of the year, the Lanka Property Show 2019 will return for the 4th successive instalment, which will be held. on 9th and 10th February at the Kingsbury Hotel’s Balmoral Hall. The event is organized by LankaPropertyWeb, the leading property portal of the country.

The Lanka Property show 2019 is ideal if you’re interested in joining discussions and having in person conversations about the current state and future of the real estate market.

The event is Sri Lanka’s largest property show, attracting the country’s most renowned property developers, real estate agents and banks coming together all under one roof to offer consumers a chance to view, express interest in, and eventually have an opportunity to invest in Sri Lanka’s fast growing real-estate and property sector.

This year in addition to the developers showcasing their latest and finest projects, the event will also focus on providing assistance to buyers and sellers with their property needs. LankaPropertyWeb (LPW) in partnership with Nations Trust Bank (NTB), will host a home loans day, where buyers can either obtain to financial health checkup or get a free loan pre-approval for their mortgage. LankaPropertyWeb team will also be at hand to provide guidance and advisory on purchasing property for locals and foreigners.

Lanka Property Web Managing Director Daham Gunaratna said ‘following two highly successful property shows last year, we aim to make this year’s event even larger and more successful with over 30 exhibitors participating at the show and over 50 projects showcased”. Gunaratna also touched base on something he spoke at the previous event regarding Lanka Property Web’s journey, stating that, ‘We are pleased to say we began with a vision of making buying and selling of property in Sri Lanka easier and the success of all the Lanka Property Shows up to date, is a testament to showcase we have achieved that vision.”

This would be the ideal platform for anyone looking to buy property to find great deals on sale prices and save on the 15% VAT that will be imposed on apartment sales from 1 April.

Mr. Gunaratne also said: We hope that the buyers will be able to find their dream homes that they have being looking for and that the exhibitors find the right buyers for their properties that they have tirelessly planned and designed. Our previous shows have had tremendous success with many properties sold during the event or soon after where most of the developers were happy

The Property Show thereby aims to bring various projects together under one roof that will benefit both buyers and sellers alike. In addition to the above benefits, some of the banks at the venue will be offering special discounted rates for visitors who takes out a loan during the show. There will be a special bank loan assistance scheme powered by Nations Trust Bank throughout the event for any advice or concerns the participants need to clarify or even to get your loan pre-approved. There will be special rewards and offers in partnership with exhibitors, to buyers that confirm a sale during or through the event.

This year’s event will also feature seminars and discussions about property investments, which was a major success with the attendees at the previous events. The show will comprise of panel discussions connected to the market outlook of 2019 and presentations from the developers related to their products and services to give the participants great knowledge and valuable insights.

Visitors can also speak with the real estate agents present, so they will be able to better grasp the industry’s traits and assess their investment options more comprehensively. The Lanka Property Show 2019 will undoubtedly be an instrumental platform for real estate professionals and the public alike. With many property developers, exhibitors and buyers all gathered for a mutual purpose, there is an abundance of experts to liaise with and many insightful discussions to be had.


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