New Knorr Biryani Mix adds Lip-Smacking Flavour at the Grand Finale of the Knorr Biryani Challenge

24th January 2018, Colombo: Starting the year on an aromatic note, the grand finale of the Biryani Challenge organized by Knorr, in partnership with Keells Super, was held recently at the Cinnamon Lakeside. The event was a colourful celebration of music, festivity, fun and good food! Many consumers have submitted testimonials about how the special range enhances their dishes and biryani in particular, inspiring Knorr to launch a Biryani Challenge that would put the spotlight on the biriyani champion who serves up a mouth-watering biryani made special with Knorr Chef’s Special Mix.

Mrs. Disna Thiwanthi was declared the winner of the Biryani Challenge and awarded an all-expenses paid culinary adventure in Singapore. Delighted with her win, Disna said, “I am thrilled to win the Knorr Biryani Challenge as it was an exciting contest! Biryani is a firm family favourite and I am extremely pleased with how authentic my biryani comes out with the Knorr Biryani mix. Cooking aromatic biryani has become so easy with the new special mix from Knorr. I am delighted with the grand prize of a trip to Singapore and I am looking forward to experiencing new culinary adventures there! I would like to thank Knorr for this unique opportunity!”

To enter the contest, fans were invited to share a picture of the Knorr Biryani Mix packet purchased from Keells Supermarket and themselves along with their freshly prepared biryani.  There was tight competition amongst the semi finalists at the Knorr kitchen with 6 finalists who competed in the grand finale.

Commenting on the eagerly contested challenge, Nikila Liyanage, Assistant Brand Manager – Knorr said, “Biryani is a a dish that is synonymous with family celebrations, festivity and togetherness. The Knorr Chef’s Special Mix now empowers home cooks to cook up a delicious biryani for their families in the comfort of their kitchens. The Knorr Biryani Mix lends home cooked biryani the aroma and taste of a restaurant like biryani.  Now consumers do not have to think twice or feel guilty whenever they crave Biryani.”

The stresses of present day lifestyle compel many of us to seek the convenience of restaurant food. With the increasing cost of dining out coupled with the uncertainty surrounding unhygienic food preparations, ‘eating out’ is no more a comfortable option. Knorr Chef’s Special Mix is the ideal solution for those who want to give themselves and their loved ones, the pleasure of a fresh home cooked meal.

The Knorr Chef’s Special Mix range is a result of careful crafting by expert Knorr Chefs without added MSG, no artificial flavours, colours & preservatives. The Biryani Mix contains a variety of spices such as Nutmeg, coriander, Cinnamon, Mace, Lemon Grass, Black Pepper, Clove, Cardamom, Cumin, Turmeric, Bay leaf. The Knorr Chef’s Special variants include Biryani, Nasi Goreng, Devilled and Chicken Curry. Each variant is a unique combination of authentic ingredients and fresh spices that are blended to perfection to give you the Knorr taste and flavour experience.

About Knorr

With over 175 years of brand expertise, Knorr fosters lasting relationships with mothers and home makers world over, epitomizing the important role of creating tasty, authentic food at home.  Knorr is a household name in Sri Lanka, satisfying local culinary needs and preferences. In the heart of Knorr lies ‘chefmanship’ with a vision to empower home cooks to create expert recipes. For more information and recipes using Knorr Chef’s Special Mixes, log on to and follow our social media