Why less is more – keeping your home simple and clutter free

There’s not much worse than living in a house teeming with clutter. Items that you don’t necessarily need but have stored in your home will get in your way and make your life feel as messy as your space.

Pay attention to the time that you spend every weekend wiping and cleaning the dust away, the inexplicable claustrophobic feeling you experience once you enter your bedroom. You often lose track of what’s in there and with so many things around you, you are bound to get distracted easily and lose focus in whatever task you are attempting to do.

Intentional living is imperative if you want to lead a happy and a successful life. Therefore, as the first step to forging a life that is mentally and physically healthy, getting rid of clutter is of paramount importance. There are so many benefits to having a clutter-free house; some benefits are visible, some are invisible. In the long run, a clean and simple home will be a much more pleasant place to live. The benefits that having clear countertops, clean walls, simple bedrooms, and organized study tables offer are incalculable. This is predominantly why homeowners and designers across the globe are getting involved in designing minimalistic homes.

Why is keeping your space simple beneficial?


  • Less time spent on cleaning

Cleaning a house that has too many pieces of furniture and decorative items can take up so much of your time and energy. Why let dusting and wiping consume your weekends? Take the time you need to relax and enjoy quality moments with your family after an exhausting week of continuous work. A home that is constructed with only the items you need, the items that you use on a daily basis, can cut down the time that you spend on cleaning. With fewer things around you, your mind will be more at peace.

  • Save money

We would all like to decorate our homes with the latest furniture pieces, invest in the latest gizmos and gadgets that promise to make life convenient. But take a step back to understand if you really need such items before you make any purchases. Investing in items that you don’t really need can make your life complicated and be a waste of money.

  • Let go

The advancement of technologies has unfortunately made us believe that we cannot live without the latest gadgets, luxuries, and conveniences. However, in the process of growing and advancing ourselves, we often forget the pleasure of simplicity. Decorating your home with the latest furniture, gadgets and what not has its perks. But overdoing it can transform you into a person who is too attached to his/her belongings.  As a result, one cannot experience the true freedom of letting go, living with the essentials rather than the superfluous.

  • Create the illusion of more space in your house

If you believe that your home lacks space, get ready to be amazed! If you take out some of the furniture that is clogging up your space and remove some of the additional decorative items, you’ll notice your space expanding.  Having too many things around you can produce the feeling of lack of space even in the most spacious room. Dot let an overwhelming amount of furniture disturb your peace of mind. Instead, decorate using minimal items thus creating the illusion of a larger space even in the smallest room. Know what you really want before you make any purchases. Consider muting the colours on the walls and using nude colour schemes that aesthetically pleasing. Rather than creating a gallery wall, try decorating your walls with one or two elegant art pieces. Finally, incorporate plants in to your design to give your space a fresh, earthy vibe.