Focusing on transformation is the future.

“The transformation should benefit taking the company to the world, and in opening new avenues, it is our future,” states Chrishan Mendis, CEO of Just In Time Group.

Sanjeewa has embraced the company’s future dreams and is keen to play a dominant role in the transformation of one of the leading system integrators in the country.

An old boy of Trinity College, Kandy, Sanjeewa’s experience spans across different large-scale industries including pharmaceuticals, banking, telco and IT, working for some of the best companies in respective sectors prior joining Just In Time Group for his career progression. With his charismatic leadership skills and over 2 decades of experience, Sanjeewa will be playing an active role directly overlooking the sales verticals under the JIT Group.

As a self-motivated and ambitious professional with many success stories, Sanjeewa believes that adaptability is the key to success. He goes on to state that “Just In Time Group is a proven driving force to transform businesses into a stronghold not only in the ICT industry but other sectors as well for more than 25 years with its business model adapting to evolving international trends. When considering the Sri Lanka’s current socio-economic conditions and situation, as part of company who has the best local talent pool, it is crucial to venture out, looking at global presence, thus making JIT Group the #1 systems integration provider beyond local.”

We welcome him with open arms to make our journey successful – “said the leadership team.”