JAT Holdings Reiterates Commitment to Sustainability with Multitude of Projects

Colombo, Monday 29th January 2018: In an effort to further reiterate its strong commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen,JAT Holdings carried out several Corporate Sustainability related projects throughout 2017. The projects focused on a wide spectrum of areas including commitment to business sustainability, environmental sustainability, employee recognition and welfare, sports and recreation and community service.

Speaking on JAT’s commitment to positively contributing to society, Corporate Sustainability & Process Excellence Manager Kaushalya Kotuwagesaid, “We at JAT Holdings believe in being a sustainability driven company witha solid commitment to sustainability in all areas and are proud to have been recognized and awarded for our commitment. Sustainability is an integral part of the company DNA.”

The ‘Chemical Leasing Agreement’signed off with MAS Linea Intimo (Pvt) Ltd, was pioneered by JAT Holdings as a business solution in 2017.  JAT’s Chemical Leasing solutions aim to promote the responsible disposal of chemical waste.

JAT Holdings took part as a corporate leader in “SOBA 2017”the Environment Day Commemoration Event organized by the United Nations Sri Lanka. Under JAT’s unique concept of “Mihikathata Dayawen”, the company shared their experience and expertise in creating high qualityenvironmental friendly products and services.

The Corporate Sustainability Department focuses on process re-engineering and streamlining systems to ensure the business sustainability.They also ensuresnon-financial compliances, complying with international standards such as IFC, ISO, RC and SLS Standards. Also the department has implemented and continues to monitorsthe Integrated Management System (IMS) consists of Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health &Safety Management systems.JAT is a Responsible Care certified company and holds a merit award in the National Manufacturing category.Responsible Care is an initiative developed and adopted by chemical companies to continuously improve environmental, health and safety (EHS) performance of their operations and products in a manner responsive to the concerns of the public.

JAT Holdings addressed global climate change reduction in the carbon foot print. The Sustainability team is currently working towards the reduction of Green House Gas (GHG) emission with the ultimate goal of reaching ‘Zero Emission by 2020’.Equipped with a 13,750 sqft rooftop solar plant at the factory, JAT contributes to the National Grid.

A unique safety concept titled “Tackle-the-Risk” was initiated to enhance employee health & safety proven with significant results. The ‘National Occupational Safety & Health Symposium 2017’ invited the sustainability team to deliver the key note address for the event on the topic of‘Barriers to execute OSH and effective internal marketing’.

In 2018the Sustainability team will aim to achieve the water foot print disclosure and a cleaner production (CP) and Life cycle analysis (LCA) integration in manufacturing with Waste Management being a key area that has successfully been addressed with the 3R Concept(Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).